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International Quilt Exhibits

Road to California attracts quilt exhibits from all over the world. In 2020, there were six international quilt exhibits representing such countries as Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland and the United States.

Pack and Follow- Australia

international quilt exhibits

This international quilt exhibit was curated by Road to California teacher, Australian, Jenny Bowker. One of the quilts, After the Last Sky, told the story of a massacre in Egypt.

international quilt exhibits

Stitch Like An Egyptian

international quilt exhibits

A favorite and returning international quilt exhibit where quilts were not only on display but also offered for purchase. It was also fun to watch the Road 2020 teachers stitch and share their ancient applique tradition.

international quilt exhibits

French Quilt Exhibits

There were two international quilt exhibits from France on display from French Patchwork:

Do, Re, Mi, Lin

international quilt exhibits
international quilt exhibits

and From the Earth to the Moon

international quilt exhibits
international quilt exhibits

World Wide Whispers

international quilt exhibits

This special exhibit featured contemporary quilts from around the world. The idea for this international quilt exhibit began following a conversation between quilter Ann Hill and four other international quilters – Paula Rafferty from Ireland, Jeltje van Essen from The Netherlands, Debbi Cagney from USA and Kim Caskey from Canada.

United States of America
international quilt exhibits

They each chose 12 quilters, one for each month of the year, and asked them to make a quilt from a photograph they would receive from the quilter who had made the photographed quilt the month before them. This resulted in 12 quilts from 5 countries, totaling 60 in all.


Bringing in international quilt exhibits is another feature that sets Road to California apart in the quilting world.

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