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Welcome to the Road to California Blog

Meet Road 2020 Teacher: Margaret Willingham

November 13th, 2019

Margaret Willingham will be teaching 3 classes at Road to California 2020 – 25th Anniversary Show:

Two half day classes utilizing the same pattern:

Whimsical Lollipop Flower Block: Hand Reverse Applique With App, a handwork class on Friday Night (5069C) and on Saturday Night, Lollipop Garden Quilt, Flower Block (6068C) which is a machine reverse applique class.

And an all-day class, 6025C – Appassionata: Machine Reverse Appliqué on Saturday

Margaret Willingham has been a quilter for 25 years, although she started sewing when she was 10 years old. As she says, the only differences are “the seam allowances are narrower, and you iron them differently.” Margaret “properly” started quilting, when she joined a quilt group at her church in Aurora, Colorado. She learned by watching and asking questions. lf she liked a pattern, she would read it and figure it out, usually changing it around to make it her way. She considers herself “basically self-taught with some help from my friends.” Margaret never took a workshop herself until she got a longarm sewing machine.

Margaret Willingham

Quilting Mentors

Margaret Willingham taught dance for 40 years. She compares quilting to dance: they are both about foundational techniques. “lf you have those foundational skills, everything else is just patterns, and how you apply those techniques.”

The most influential person on Margaret’s quilting journey was Mary Wiens who lead the quilting group at her church where Margaret started. Margaret said that Mary “was very experienced and always encouraging. Her most negative comment was, ‘You could do that, if you wanted to.’” Quilting for Mary was all about fun, enjoyment and fellowship.

Foundational books that she still owns and uses include Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. (former featured artists at Road to California) and The Quilter’s Pocket Reference An Easy Guide to Yardage and More by Peggy Scholley.

Margaret has learned various methods for hand applique, including needle, and is inspired by the work of hand quilters on Facebook, like Andrea Stracke and Elsie Campbell, and the Broderie Perse of Cynthia Collier.

Quilting Space

Margaret has basically two work areas at home. Upstairs, she has her regular chair in the family room where she does her hand stitching and hand quilting.

Margaret Willingham

Her studio space downstairs in an unfinished basement. It’s unfinished, because as her business has grown, there are no walls in her way. She has her sewing machine, a drawing table, cutting table, a dresser and cabinet for fabric, drawers and racks for thread, her “new” longarm (they are still getting acquainted), iron and the like, and lots of shelves. As her business grows, she just reinvents her layout and storage.


Margaret Willingham has been teaching quilting classes for 20 years and teaching hand and machine reverse applique and paper-piecing for 8 years.

She loves demystifying reverse applique and seeing her student’s lightbulb go off!  Margaret says, “Everybody thinks it’s so hard and that they can’t do it. All day long in my booth I hear, ‘The patterns are so beautiful. lt’s too hard. I can’t do it.’ And it simply isn’t true! lt takes time, like anything in quilting, and it will take some practice, but it isn’t hard. Reverse applique has a beauty that draws you in and has a big WOW factor for the time spent!

Margaret hopes her students at Road will enjoy their journey: a journey of excellence, not perfection; a journey of joy. She thinks it’s an honor to be involved in such a prestigious show like Road to California as it celebrates its silver anniversary.

To learn more about Margaret Willingham, visit her website.

Meet Road 2020 Vendor: Sulky of America

November 8th, 2019

For almost 30 years, Sulky of America Co-founders, Joyce and Fred Drexler, have been insistent about maintaining the very highest quality with the 4,000 products that bear the Sulky label. According to Fred, “educating consumers has always been a top priority and our extremely strong focus on education through the years has caused Sulky to become the most recognized and asked-for name in decorative threads.”

Committed to quality, Sulky of America only uses raw rayon fibers made by ENKA in Obernburg, Germany. They have been tested and proven to be the very highest quality raw goods produced anywhere in the world.

Sulky also maintains a high community involvement presence. Fred is proud and honored to have had a 44-year involvement with Rotary International, being involved in hundreds of local community projects. Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Sulky invited sewers all over America to “Share their Stash” with Hurricane Andrew victims. Thousands of people ultimately did, which netted two full semi-trailer loads of sewing machines, fabric, patterns and every other imaginable sewing tool and supplies. Their caring ways continue to support community outreach.

Introducing Filaine

At Road to California 2020 – 25th Anniversary Show, Sulkyis looking forward to introducing one of their newest thread lines – Filaine – to Road’s guests.

Filaine is a 12 wt. acrylic thread that comes in 129 colors.

Sulky of America

It produces a stitch that mimics vintage handwork, with a nubby textured feel and appearance.

Organ Needles

Sulky of America recently became a distributor of Organ Needles, a company founded 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. Did you know that all Japanese-made sewing machines (like Janome, Juki, Brother and Babylock) are “born” with Organ Needles?

After the original needles were used up, consumers had a hard time finding replacement ones.  So, Organ Needles developed their exclusive Eco Packs for consumer use. These eco-friendly Eco Packs allow for easy visibility and reusable storage, providing a quick way to identify new and used needles by location in the pack.

Sulky of America

Organ Needles offers a wide variety of needles to meet every sewing need.

Sulky at Road 2020

Not only is Sulky a vendor for the 25th Anniversary Show, Road to California is honored to have them as a Silver Sponsor for the Show.

To learn more about Sulky of America, please visit their website.

Meet Road 2020 Teacher: Nancy Eha

November 6th, 2019

Nancy Eha will be teaching 4 beading classes at Road to California 2020 – 25th Anniversary Show:

On Thursday, 4011C – Happy The Hedgehog

On Friday, 5010C – Inky The Octopus

On Saturday, 6010C – Penny Rug Poises That Sparkle


And on Sunday, 7010C – Beaded Kaleidoscopes

While Nancy Eha is a quilter and quilt teacher, she was doing beading way before she was introduced to quilting.

Inspiration vs. Meditative Beading

Recognized as a national beading teacher, Nancy most enjoys the inspiration process of thinking of a beading idea and fine tuning it before doing the actual beading.  Nancy says, “The inspiration process is exciting and invigorating, always so many possibilities of what I could make.  By contrast the actual beading process is meditative.  The repetition of picking up beads on a hand sewing needle, and hearing the thread pass through the fabric.  Time goes by so quickly beading and the process is so relaxing!”

Nancy’s quilting and beading style is most influenced by Crazy Quilts, specifically Victorian Crazy Quilts because she loves all the fine details of stitching both imagery and the opulent embroidery on the seams of fabric segments.  Nancy shares, “Obviously, working with very small beads I relish detail.  When I saw my first crazy quilt I thought, ‘Oh this is such beautiful stitchery, now how can I replicate that stitchery with beads?’ My second book, Bead Creative Like Crazy: Beading Inspired by Crazy Quilts is the result of endless hours of exploring that question.

Creative Space

Nancy has two side by side rooms as her workspace in the lower level of her home. One is her beading studio, the other the quilting studio. Both have large windows that look out onto her wooded property and a small lake. White tail deer and wild turkeys provide Nancy companionship. Nancy believes that other quilters might be tempted to take the wall down between the rooms, but she has decided to keep it intact. Both rooms have office cabinetry and tables that are modular and not attached to walls.  It allows her to rearrange the furniture to her liking, and has plenty of storage for her millions of beads, teaching supplies, and quilting supplies.


What is her favorite tool? “Size 12 sharps needle for hand beading and the only threader available that actually can thread fine needles.”

Teaching Beading Classes

Nancy Eha has been teaching nationally over 20 years. Regarding teaching, Nancy says,” I love my students and I enjoy teaching beading skills and techniques to make time spent beading pleasurable.  Many students have hesitations and self-doubt as to what they perceive as the complexity of beading when they enter the classroom.  Thus, I break down every technique into small teachable steps along with showing videos of my hands beading each step.  This assures that even an absolute beginner can be successful. After an hour or so the self-doubt has left the room and shouts of glee such as “I can do this, it is not so difficult’ can be heard.

Nancy will be traveling in January from the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota airport to teach at Road 2020.  While she has been a part of other Road to California shows, she is looking forward to participating in Road’s 25th Anniversary Show to “acknowledge what a great show it truly is and celebrate longevity for putting on such a great show!” She is hopeful that her students will gain both the skills and the confidence to use what they learn in class not only in her class but in their future projects as well.

To learn more about Nancy Eha, please visit her website.

Meet Road 2020 Teacher, Pat Harrison

October 25th, 2019

Pat Harrison will be teaching 5 classes at Road to California 2020:

Two classes are traditional quilting classes:

On Wednesday, 3008C – Trip Around The World Quilt

Pat Harrison

On Thursday, 4013C – Easy Peasy Circles Quilt

Pat Harrison

Two classes are Technology Classes, utilizing EQ8 Software

On Friday, 5012C – EQing The Day Away – Beginner

On Saturday, 6013C – EQing The Day Away – Intermediate

And a class that is a combination of lecture, samples, and hands-on practice of basic binding techniques

Sunday, 7012C – Binding 101 And Beyond

When Road asked Pat Harrison what got her into quilting, she replied, “By teaching every 7th grader in the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island to make a flip and sew log cabin pillow as a beginner Home Economics project.” Now that is quite the start to a quilting journey!!!

Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison has developed a name for herself with EQ8 quilt design. She says that “designing original quilts in EQ8, especially the color play and secondary design possibilities, and then making that design into a quilt is her favorite part about the quilting process.

What is EQ8?

Pat Harrison as a Creator and Teacher

Currently, Pat Harrison’s favorite quilting tool is her Innova longarm which she keeps in her “wonderful studio created from a 2-car garage with a high ceiling for quilt display and an airy feel. Plenty of windows that look out on a rural setting, from plenty of green in the summer to my beloved snowball effect in the winter.” Dreamy.

A quilt teacher for over 25 years, Pat likes seeing the joy in the eyes of a student when they realize that they can achieve super results with her techniques. She loves sharing all the tips she has accumulated over the years of being in the craft. At Road 2020, Pat Harrison hopes her students gain confidence in themselves and their skills, expansion of their color knowledge and use of color.

Pat will be traveling almost 3,000 miles – by air — to teach at Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show. She is “excited” to be a part of this celebration and is looking forward to sharing her skills and teaching talents with “a whole bunch of new students.”

To learn more about Pat Harrison, visit her website.

Best Piecing- Road 2019

October 24th, 2019

Marilyn Larson won $1,500 for Best Piecing from Sponsor, American Professional Quilting Systems for her quilt, Aurora.

Best Piecing

Quilting is in Marilyn Larson’s blood.

When she left home to start her teaching career, Marilyn Larson’s mother took from the closet a Dresden plate quilt made by Marilyn’s grandmother Alice and their neighbor Netty Boyer.  Up until that moment, Marilyn had never seen that quilt before and it “took my breath away.”  The quilt was made from 1930’s feed sacks on muslin, both hand and machine pieced, appliquéd, and hand quilted.  Marilyn decided then that she “had to learn this beautiful craft.”

Two Time Winner at Road to California

Marilyn’s very first entry in a Road to California to California quilt contest was an appliqué wall quilt entitled, “Inspired by Alice” and was awarded a first place ribbon!!!  

Best Piecing

The inspiration for Best Piecing Winner, Aurora, was an Edyta Sitar pattern, Bethlehem Star. It excited Marilyn because of the “glow” blocks.  Marilyn worked on color placement using batiks and decided to add a pieced border comprised of the same diamond shape that she used in the star design.  This pattern was also selected so that her friend, Barb Simons, could have the necessary space to add her amazing quilt stitches.

The making of quilt top took 1 year but then she ran out of the red and rust colored batik fabrics for the pieced border. Refusing to give up on her pieced border idea, Marilyn searched for 3 years until she found fabric that was similar enough to use.  So ,in all,  it took approximately 5 years to piece the top and then another year for Barb to do the quilting.  

Marilyn says her major lesson with  was to block the top before sewing on the binding.  She had sewn on the binding, blocked the quilt and discovered the red fabric bled to the backing.  Marilyn had to put the quilt into a bath of synthropol to remove the bleed.  Then dye was removed but the quilt shrunk, causing the edge to ripple.  Off came the binding so that Marilyn could get the edge to lay flat and then sew on the binding for a second time.

Winning News and Future Plans

Marilyn received word that she had won Best Piecing while living at her winter home in Arizona.  Marilyn commented, “I am very proud of myself and pleased to receive this award.  My trying to achieve perfection has paid off!  I am still happy dancing.” 

She planned to use her award money to purchase quilting fabric and supplies.

What are Marilyn’s future quilting plans? “As I live and breathe, I quilt.  I expect to continue to produce quilt tops and hopefully enter more quilt shows.  My newest frontier in quilting is long arm quilting.  There are so many avenues to explore with this hobby: new techniques to learn, new tools to try, beautiful fabrics to work with, patterns to try, designing, applying what one learns from other quilters, etc.  Since I love traditional patterns, that is where my focus will most likely remain.”

Roadies Give Back: Charity Quilts For Cancer Patients

October 22nd, 2019

Roadies Give Back is Road to California’s official philanthropy project. Held Saturday night of the show, quilters are given the opportunity to give back to Road’s local community by joining together to make charity quilts for cancer patients at the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center at Pomona Valley Hospital.

For 2020, Road’s 25th Anniversary Show, Roadies Give Back, will be happening Saturday, January 25th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.   

This volunteer-led event, gives Road attendees a chance to meet other conference goers, participate in a worthwhile activity, and fill up an otherwise empty Saturday night. Everything that is needed for the quilters to work on the quilts – sewing machines, thread, batting, irons, and backing are all donated for the activity by some of Road’s vendors.

Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center

Why did Road choose cancer patients at the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Center for their official philanthropy? Because we have found that many quilters have been touched by cancer- either themselves or a loved one- including many of our Road to California workers. In addition, Road has a connection to the Center. Road’s owner, Matt Reese’s mother, Shellee, is the Administrative Director of the Cancer Program. She has been able to arrange for the finished charity quilts from Roadies Give Back to be delivered personally to cancer patients.  

Roadies Give Back

How You Can Be Involved

Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show will be the third time Roadies Give Back has been offered.  To date, almost 200 charity quilts have been donated to the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center.

There are many ways you can be involved:

Before the Show

Make Blocks.  Make as many blocks as you can and bring them to the show. Each block takes 4 Charm Squares to make. Please use a black background. We are also accepting finished quilt tops.

If you can’t attend Road to California 2020, you can also mail in your blocks to our office: 1160 N. Dewey Way – Suite A, Upland, CA 91786

Roadies Give Back

Register to Volunteer at Roadies Give Back #9600C. Two rooms will be dedicated to this charity quilt activity. Sewing machines for the event are being donated by one of Road’s Sponsors, Moore’s Sewing. Volunteers will be needed to arrange quilt squares, sew squares into rows and make quilt tops. Once quilt tops are completed, quilt sandwiches need to be put together.

During the Show

Turn in Finished Blocks and Quilt Tops. They will be collected at South Information Desk.

Roadies Give Back

Join in the Fun!! Volunteer to be one of the sorters, planners, or sewers. Many helping hands are required for Roadies Give Back!!!

Enjoy Some Swag. Our Road Volunteers are putting together awesome swag bags for participants as well as hosting giveaways throughout the night.

Meet New Charity Quilt Minded Friends. What better way to spend a Saturday night than with other quilters who share your passion of giving back.

Of all the special events planned for our 25th Anniversary Show, Road feels Roadies Give Back is the most important. Says Karen, one of our past volunteer coordinators, “It lets people with cancer know that a lot of people care about them, are rooting for them, are praying for them and are hoping that they get better.”

Road sincerely appreciates your consideration for this event. If you have any questions regarding Roadies Give Back, please reach out to our volunteer coordinators at  roadiesgiveback@gmail.com

Road 2020 Teacher Spotlight: Gyleen X. Fitzgerald

October 11th, 2019

Author, Publisher and Award-Winning Quilter, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, will be teaching 4 classes at Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show:

On Thursday, January 23rd, 4012C – Mixology Shaken And Stirred

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Friday, January 24th, 5011C – Modern Free Wheeling Circles

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Saturday, January 25th, 6011C – Engaged

 Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

And Sunday, January 26th, 7011C – Trash To Treasure Pineapple

Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

All Quilter, All the Time

Gyleen Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. She infuses engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex geometric quilts. A quilter since 1981, she has been teaching quilting since 1995. When asked what other hobbies she has besides quilting, her reply was, “Say what? Is that allowed? Who has time? When not quilting, I’m usually thinking about quilts in some way.” Well, she does think about one other thing: her husband, Ray.

Creative Space

Gyleen’s home studio is the smallest bedroom in her house. She says that she is “most creative in small spaces.” When she requires assistance with some projects, she will move to a much larger annex studio in her basement.

What is Gyleen’s favorite quilting tool? Her polygon series tools (Polygon, Polygon2 and Polygon3). Gyleen says that she “can’t get enough of good geometry.”

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald loves piecing because when she is piecing, she is “executing her vision.”

The two quilters that have influenced her work the most are Jinny Beyer and the late, Gwen Marston because “they do it all.” Gyleen feels that they both “produce very graphic quilts and master the handwork. They are constant innovators.”

Road to California 2020

Traveling over 2,000 miles to get to Road to California (Gyleen lives on the East Coast), she is thrilled to be teaching. “I’ve only taught (at Road) once before and love it. Coming back and to be a part of a historic show is very exciting. I can’t wait to see the quilts, vendors and special events.”

With her classes, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald says what she likes most about teaching is “empowering students to create the vision within; I learn more from them. Their talent is amazing.” Because she is a technique teacher, she hopes that after they leave her classes, that her students will now able “to produce the quilts in their hearts with confidence and perfection. AND more importantly to have fun and enjoy the process. No one dies quilting.”

To learn more about this innovative and technique driven teacher, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, please visit her website.

Charter a Bus Tour to Road 2020

October 10th, 2019

Hassle Free Transportation

If you are attending Road to California 2020 with a group of friends, a guild, or a travel organization, especially from out of state, we recommend arranging for a charter bus tour to the show.

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

What are the benefits of a Charter Bus Tour to the show?

You don’t have to stress out about traffic or directions maneuvering around the Los Angeles area;

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

Sharing the cost is economical—It saves you money!!! Tickets for bus trips of 30 or more are only $11.50, a savings of $4.50 per person. We also offer a further discount of 50 cents per ticket when paid via cash or check. The ticket is valid for all days of the show and includes Preview Night;

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

No need to find individual parking spots. Buses are allowed to drop off and pick up right outside the east entrance to the Convention Center. Parking passes for your bus, while you are in the show, can be purchased in advance for $40 per day.

And new for this year, quilt guilds who sponsor a bus tour can enter to win a $300 prize as part of our 3rd Annual Quilt Guild Challenge. More information about this exciting addition to this fun contest will be coming soon.

Official Charter Bus Tour Trip Form

In order to qualify for these charter bus tour trip perks, an official Road to California Bus Trip Form must be completed.

A deadline of January 3, 2020 has been imposed if your group would like to receive their Road to California tickets before the show. If a group can’t meet that deadline, Road will mail a letter, map and window sign for the bus window. At the Show, Road’s Bus Greeting Hostess will have the tickets requested on the form. Acceptable forms of payment when arriving at the show are correct change/cash or check only.

If you need help filling your bus from your area of departure, Road can assist you by advertising your trip on our website. Just let us know when you submit your bus trip form. 

For more information on chartering a bus and to get a copy of the official Road to California Bus Trip Form, visit our website.

Road 2020 Teacher Spotlight: Cheryl See

October 10th, 2019

Cheryl See will be teaching FIVE HANDWORK CLASSES at Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show:

Monday, January 20th: 1015C – Hexie Daisy

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Tuesday, January 21st: 2013C – English Paper Piecing Techniques

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Wednesday, January 22nd: 3015C – Innovative Hand Quilting

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Thursday, January 23rd: 4016C – Hawaiian Needle Turn Appliqué

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Friday, January 24th: 5016C – Super Hexie Daisy

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Why Handwork?

Keeping handwork — especially hand quilting — alive is important to Cheryl See, especially with the newest generation of quilters. 

Cheryl has always done handwork and started quilting when her scraps of fabric were too small to make anything else. Paper Piecing has had the most influence on Cheryl’s quilting and she tends to hand piece every other quilt.  This always allows Cheryl to keep a project for on the go.

Cheryl See’s Home Studio

“When I downsized, I had just finished my basement with my dream quilt studio.  My area is smaller now and, in several rooms, but still works for me.

What is Cheryl’s favorite quilting tool? “I love my Clover clips.”

Teaching Quilt Classes

Cheryl See has been teaching for 7 years since her quilt, Star Struck, won Best Hand Quilting for a large quilt at Paducah and became a part of The National Quilt Museum collection.  People assumed that Cheryl taught classes, so she decided to devote one day a week to the business side of quilting to see if she liked it. As a teacher, she always hopes her students gain new skills as well as inspiration and encouragement.

Road to California 2020

Cheryl will be traveling from Winchester, Virginia to Road. The last time she came to Road, 3 years ago, a huge snowstorm hit the East Coast when it was time for her (and the rest of Road’s Eastern visitors) to return home. She was forced to stay in California an extra day so she decided to spend that extra day discovering Hollywood. Cheryl confides that she is secretly hoping that that weather episode happens again.

Besides teaching, Cheryl See has also entered a quilt in the Road to California 2020 Quilt Contest. Train To Nowhere recently won Best of Show at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza so she’s hoping for big things in Road’s contest.

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

You can learn more about Cheryl See on her website.

Stitch Like An Egyptian

October 7th, 2019

25th Anniversary Spotlight

Road to California 2020 will be Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show. In addition to providing guests access to exceptional classes and vendors, Road has planned several very special attractions during this very special show.

Tentmakers of Egypt

Road is bringing back the popular Tentmakers of Egypt. They first came to Road in 2015, demonstrating their exquisite applique work.

Stitch Like An Egyptian

In 2018, they returned and not only demonstrated their work in their Special Exhibit but shared their expertise with students in classes taught by Jenny Bowker.

Stitch Like An Egyptian

For Road’s 25th Anniversary Show, two new tentmakers to Road, Ekramy Hanafy & Ahmed Kamal, will be at the show. They plan on being available in two of Jenny Bowker’s 2020 classes, Egyptian Applique, taught on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 20th, 21st and 22nd. They will be available to assist students as they tackle how to Stitch Like An Egyptian during their once in a lifetime experience learning this age-old hand stitching art. During the show, they will again be stationed at the front of the Exhibition Hall, giving live demonstrations and selling applique work that they brought with them from Egypt.

Stitch Like An Egyptian

What is Egyptian Tentmaking?

The art of Egyptian tent making is an ancient, intricate craft. Centuries ago, Tentmakers of Cairo went to the Keswa of Mecca to make tents out of big pieces of fabric. Named, Tark, these tents were used to decorate weddings and funerals as their traditional colors easily adapted for both occasions. 

Today, this generational craft is found in Old Islamic Cairo. Citizens from childhood to adults are still involved in learning and studying tent making from family members and in specially designed schools as a means of preserving this ancient art. In recent years, tent making has been facing struggles, as machines try to replace hand-made items and unscrupulous businesses copy and sell their unique designs. By having Ekramy and Ahmed at Road, attention is given to this beautiful yet shrinking art of the few remaining tentmakers who continue to practice their trade.

Road and Stitch Like An Egyptian

How did Road’s association with the Tentmakers of Cairo first come about? Jenny Bowker first introduced the tentmakers to the world in 2007. She helped them sign a contract with the American Quilters Society in 2012 where the original tentmakers, Hosam AL Farouk and Tarek Al Safety, made 16 trips to the United States, including the two visits at Road to California.

Stitch Like An Egyptian

At Road 2020, Ekramy Hanafy & Ahmed Kamal, are looking forward to sharing many different designs of their traditional technique as well as meeting their “amazing Fans” as they demonstrate their skills and share their history and experience with everyone. It their hope that Road’s guests will be Stitching Like an Egyptian in no time!!!