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The Next Generation of Quilters

How old were you when you made your first quilt?

What inspired you to start quilting?

It was exciting to see the next generation of quilters actively involved in learning about and expanding their new craft at Road to California 2020.  

Sewing a Quilt and Sew Much More

next generation

Manix is 10 years old and came to Road 2020 with her Mom, Eva, and her mom’s friend, Louanna. They all live in Los Angeles. Louanna has been quilting for 50 years, Eva for 15 years, and Manix for the past 5 years. Manix has been coming to Road since she was one years old and loves looking at all the quilts. This next generation quilter designed and picked out all the fabric for her quilt. It still isn’t done though. For the past four years, she has been trying to get to sandwiching it all together. In the meantime, Manix has sewn a phone case for her mom, dog bandannas to raise money for a school trip, a potholder, an apron, a reversible bag and pajama bottoms. Manix really enjoyed going to a summer sewing camp in Camarillo in 2018. She attended every afternoon for a week and completed five sewing projects.  

Next Generation Sister Quilters

Melanie and Ava are sisters who came to Road with their mom and grandmother. Melanie was caught on the Road floor last year and shared her love of quilting. Since Road 2019, she has made another quilt, using Pineapple fabrics (see above). Ava prefers making miniature quilts.   

Quilt Guild Member

new generarion

Brooke is 12 and came to Road 2020 to help her grandmother, Debra, with their guild’s opportunity quilt display. Brooke and her grandmother are members of the Patchwork Pals mini group of the Simi Valley Quilt Guild. Debra taught Brooke to quilt about a year ago and proudly says, “Brooke is very talented.”  They’ve already attended two quilt retreats together. Brooke has her own Brother sewing machine that she has used to design and sew two quilts: a nail polish quilt for her manicurist and a fox themed quilt. Brooke says quilting is “fun” and “relaxing.”

A Winning Quilter

next generation

Jayden is also 12 years old. Road to California 2020 was her first time at Road. She came to the Show with her grandmother, Cheri and aunt, Laurie, who are both quilters. They wanted to show Jayden how Road is “like an art museum” filled with “many inspiring things.”  

This next generation quilter had “beginner’s luck” as she was one of two winners of the Roadie Bucks on Saturday of the Show.  “I just walked in and I won,” said a surprised Jayden.

Jayden has been sewing since she was 3 years old. She was inspired by watching her grandmother quilt and thought “it looked like fun.” So far, Jayden has sewn a dress, pillows, puppets and has helped her grandmother make quilts. She is looking forward to creating her own quilt soon.

Who can you share your love of quilting with and help them become a next generation quilter?

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