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Quilts and Giveaways – A Winning Combination

At Road to California, we love showcasing quilts and we love providing lots of opportunities for our guests to win prizes.

Part I – Roadie Bucks

Each morning during the 2020 Anniversary Show, Road sponsored a “Roadie Bucks” drawing at the South Information Desk. Roadie Bucks were an idea thought up by Road to California’s owner, Matt Reese. Each Roadie Buck was worth $100 and had the portrait of Matt printed on the front to authenticate the special currency. Lucky winners of a Roadie Buck could spend the $100 at any one vendor at the show.

To join in the fun, early arriving guests simply filled out an entry slip as they came into the Convention Center’s main hall and deposited it in the raffle drum. Then, promptly at 10:00 AM, the voice of Road, Randy Graves, announced two winners for that day.

Thursday Winners

Roadie Bucks

Sue Roberts is from Menifee, California. She has been coming to Road for the past 7 years. She was “shocked” to have won. She was planning on spending her Roadie Bucks on photo fabric, thread and a light box.

Roadie Bucks

Darlene Taylor lives in Moreno Valley, California and owns Darlene’s Fabric Shop. “This is the first time I have ever won anything!!” Darlene exclaimed. She hadn’t heard her name on the loudspeaker but three of her friends did and they called her right away. She was going to purchase thread, a big cutting mat and “lots more” with her Roadie Buck.

Friday Winners

Roadie Bucks

Vicki McIntire is a Road to California veteran. The Anniversary Show was her fourth time at Road.

Roadie Bucks

Congratulations to Ruth Lofgren, a 10-year attendee.

Saturday Winners

Kathy from Lebec, California came to Road 2020 hoping to meet Jenny Doan and Eleanor Burns. Instead, she won a Roadie Buck!! “I’m going to spend it on stuff,” said Kathy.

Roadie Bucks

The second winner on Saturday was 12-year-old, Jayden. It was her first-time visiting Road. She came with her Grandma and her Aunt. Jayden didn’t even know you could win a prize at Road.   “I just walked in and I won!! I said, ‘What??!!’” Since it was her first time at the show, she was going to look at “everything” before she carefully made her purchase.

Sunday Winners

Julia Calzado has been to every Road to California, so she was celebrating 25 years of Road too!!

The last Roadie Bucks winner of 2020 was Cindy Skolaski. It was her first time at Road to California and apparently, according to her T-shirt, Cindy was going to use her Roadie Buck to help her with her Obsessive Quilting Disorder!!

This was the second year for Roadie Bucks, and it has quickly become a new Road tradition. You can look forward to participating in this fun giveaway at Road 2021.

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