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For Sale In The Road Booth

We’re thrilled for all the merchandise available for sale at the Road Booth during the 25th Anniversary Show happening January 23-26, 2020. All items have our Road to California name on them, are reasonably priced, and are the perfect gift either for yourself or for you to give to your guild and quilting friends.

What’s New for 2020 in the Road Booth

Hot/Cold Travel Cup is the perfect size to take along to quilt classes, quilt retreats or just running errands around town.

road booth

Wine Glass. But a set for your next quilt get-together.

road booth

Soda/Water Bottle Opener makes it easy to open your favorite beverage.

Seam Ripper in two colors.

Anniversary and Show Logo Lanyards. make it easy to find your keys.

Is it a lipstick canister? No!!! It is a Pin and Needle Holder.

Wine bottle opener in 4 colors.

Chapstick in 4 yummy flavors: Blueberry, Vanilla Mint, Red Wine, and Orange Creamsicle.

road booth

Flannel-lined Windbreaker.

Tote bag featuring last year’s Best of Show Winner, Garden Variety Sampler by Janet Stone. 

25th Anniversary Fabric – Get yours for the upcoming 2021 Anniversary Fabric Challenge. You choose whether you want to submit a Bag, Garment, or Quilt using this commemorative fabric. More details to follow in Spring, 2020.

Old Favorites in the Road Booth

Notepad in 3 colors – perfect for taking notes in classes, at vendor demonstrations, or to keep track of what you want to buy.

Gray Hoodie Sweatshirt

Computer Mousepad

5×5 ruler

Hot Beverage Mug

Glass Nail Files in 5 colors

road booth

Come visit and shop the Road Booth in its familiar location at the front of the Exhibit Hall. We’ve changed the layout for 2020 to enhance your shopping experience. It is now an open shopping area overseen by quilt teacher, Pat Yamin.

See you soon!!!

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