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Road 2020 Show News

It’s almost here: Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show. We have important Show News to share regarding 9 new things happening at this special celebration:

Show News #1: The Road to California Booth has grown!!! For 2020, we’ve opened the booth so guests can walk right in and browse all the Road merchandise for sale—the most we’ve ever had. It’s a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind Road items either for yourself or for your quilting friends back home. We are still located at the front of the main exhibit hall. Thank you, Pat Yamin, for your innovative ideas.  Come check us out!!!  

Show News #2: New location for Show Quilts. In years past, show quilts were mixed in with the vendors in the Exhibit Hall. Top prizes like Best of Show and the Marie White Masterpiece Award will still be located near the front of the Exhibit Hall. But other winners, like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners in various categories as well as 17 Special Exhibits (our most ever) will all be set up for viewing in the ballroom. All hanging quilts will be enhanced with LCD lighting for improved enjoyment.  

Show News #3: The Tentmakers of Egypt are returning to Road, but with different artisans to entertain guests. Welcome Ekramy Hanafy & Ahmed Kamal who will be assisting in Jenny Bowker’s classes. They will also be located at the front of the Exhibit Hall, giving live demonstrations and selling applique work that they brought with them from Egypt. Most of the money received from selling their Egyptian applique quilts will go back to the Egyptian Tentmaking program in Egypt to maintain this lost art and support humanitarian efforts.

Show News

Show News #4: 25th Anniversary Fabric has been created especially for the 2020 Show. You can purchase it in the Road Booth.

Show News #5: Introducing Quilt Challenges for 2021. The four new quilt challenges being announced are:

Road to California Fabric Design Challenge

Create a bag or garment using at least 50% of Road’s 25th Anniversary Fabric

Conspiracy Theory Challenge

Create 30”x30” quilts depicting family suited conspiracy theories

Twin Challenge

Have you heard? Road’s Show Owner, Matt Reese and his wife, Jen, are expecting twins later this year!! To commemorate this momentous occasion, quilts reflecting twins will be accepted.  

Children’s Special Exhibit

This exhibit featuring work from children ages 8-16 will be returning to Road.  

Show News #6: Multiple International Special Exhibits. For our anniversary show, various countries including France, Australia, and Egypt, will be sharing their quilts.  

Show News #7: Longarm Lecture/Demonstration Classes are returning to Road for the first time since 2009. This year features Karen Seifert as the master teacher. Classes will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 1043. Be sure to register!!!  

Show News

Show News #8: Road to California continues to expand its quilting and sewing focus by offering classes and vendors that feature garment construction and Cosplay innovative ideas.

Show News #9: Jenny Doan is returning to Road to present her fabulous show, Jenny on the Road. Tickets are still available for Friday at 7:00 PM and Saturday Morning at 8:30 AM.

Show news

Road 2020 will truly be all silver glitter and glam as we celebrate 25 years of our outstanding show. See you soon!!!    

5 Responses to “Road 2020 Show News”

  1. I am very much interested in the design challenge using the 25th Anniversary fabric.

    • Caryn Payzant says:

      Great!! We will have the fabric available in the Road Booth. Details on the Challenge will be available in the Spring.

  2. Becky McBride says:

    Congratulations Matt and wife!!

  3. We are very excited to come to this years Road! My friend D babies Kane travels from Anchorage.Ak to take me since 2005. Thank you for such great opportunities to learn and socialize!

  4. Golda Duffner says:

    Debbie Kane …..not D babies…geez ! Although Congratulations to the babies Matt And Wife !

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