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Jenny Doan On The Road To California

Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star Quilt Co., first came to Road to California in 2018. She taught several quilt classes featuring her favorite design, the half-square triangle, and she delivered an inspiring evening trunk show. The response of having her at the show was so tremendous, that we knew that Road to California would be inviting her back again in the future.

Jenny Doan

Road to California 2020

What better time to have Jenny Doan return than at Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show celebration, happening January 23-26, 2020!!!

Once again, she will be teaching classes. For 2020, her sold out classes, Happy Trails, will feature Jenny demonstrating how to make a super easy Happy Trails quilt out of 5-inch squares of precut fabric (charm packs). This project is based off the old classic known as the Snail Trail Block, aka Monkey Wrench, Indiana Puzzle, Journey to California, and Whirligig, but Jenny’s version is “sew” much easier!!!

Jenny Doan

And for the first time, Missouri Star Quilt Co. has partnered with Road to California to have Jenny present her one-of-a-kind event, Jenny on the Road, exclusively for Road to California guests. This special production will be given twice: on Friday, January 24th at 7:00 PM (Class 9500D) and on Saturday, January 25th at 8:30 AM (Class 9600D). A seat for either presentation can be reserved for $75.00 on our registration site.

Because of the special nature of this event, separate wristbands will be issued to attend and is not included with a regular admission to Road. The bracelets will be available for pick up on site at the Ontario Convention Center. Replacement wristbands for Jenny on the Road will not be available.    

Jenny Doan

Jenny on the Road

Jenny on the Road was started shortly after Jenny Doan visited Road to California in 2018 as a way for Jenny to get out and meet more of her fans by going to areas near where they lived and quilted. It also provided opportunities for Missouri Star Quilt Co. employees to travel and see the face of their company in action, delivering quilt tips, stories, and inspiration.

At Road to California’s exclusive Jenny on the Road, attendees will be finding out, “What happens if?” Using just a few simple flips and turns, Jenny’s quick and easy methods will have guests empowered to try something new. Along with learning many valuable tips and tricks for quilting, there will be lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears shed as Jenny shares the story of what got her started in quilting and how Missouri Star Quilt Co. came to be. Learn how what started with one family, has expanded to touch the hearts of many and has created a family of quilters around the world!

Everyone who attends Jenny on the Road will also be receiving an awesome Swag Bag with custom Missouri Star merchandise (a $55 Value). 

Then, immediately following Jenny on the Road, a special pop-up shop for only Jenny on the Road participants, will be stocked with affordably priced quilting supplies from Missouri Star Quilt Co. including kits that are available only with Jenny on the Road. Much of the merchandise found in the pop-up shop is not available in their regular vendor booth at the show.

Having Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. at Road to California 2020 is definitely something to celebrate!!!

One Response to “Jenny Doan On The Road To California”

  1. MaryEllen Zimmer says:

    Wonderful inspiring show in Ocala Florida.Wish there was a video of the show to purchase.So many wonderful tips to try to remember especially the flips and turns with half square triangles. Can’t remember them all.

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