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These Quilters Give Back At Road to California

Roadies Give Back is Road to California’s official philanthropy project. Held Saturday night of the show, quilters give back by joining together to make comfort quilts from quilt squares that were made and received before the evening.

This volunteer-led event, gives Road attendees a chance to meet other conference goers, participate in a worthwhile activity, and fill up an otherwise empty Saturday night. Everything that is needed for the quilters to work on the quilts – sewing machines, thread, batting, irons, and backing – are all donated for the activity by some of Road’s vendors.

Quilters give Back

Jeanne and Bruce are from Burbank, California. They’ve been married 25 years and are actively involved in volunteering for charitable causes like the Los Angeles Zoo and Blanketeers. Their giving spirit is what drew them in to Roadies Give Back. While Jeanne has been quilting for 20 years, Bruce does not quilt but he did enroll in a Handi Quilter class during the show. Jeanne has attended Road to California for 18 years and Bruce has accompanied her 10 of those years. Bruce said it “feels good to give back” with Roadies Give Back.  

Quilters give Back

Anne and Justine have been neighbors for over 40 years. Anne has been quilting for 25 years and Justine for 40 years. They quilt together at home “every couple of days.” Anne’s garage has turned in to a quilting “studiage.” They love going on “quilting adventures together.”  Road 2019 was their second time at the show. They saw finished Roadies Give Back quilts in the South Information Booth and decided they wanted to see what the quilters give back activity was all about and be a part of it.  Justine commented, “Tonight is fun!”

Quilters give Back

Another Burbank resident, Ailette, also does a lot of charity work. She was attracted to Roadies Give Back because she has lost friends and relatives to cancer. She and her friends made 35 quilt squares for the event. Ailette thinks Road to California is “wonderful. It is a great time to collaborate with others and see fun ideas.”

Quilters give Back

Illinois resident, Caroline, has been to Road to California 18 times. She has been quilting for 19 years. Caroline felt Roadie Give Back was a “good thing to do” while she was at the show.

We are again putting out the call for quilters to join in with Roadies Give Back at the 2020 show. If you are interested, please register on our registration page:   https://online.roadtocalifornia.com/   

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  1. Ruth Anne says:

    I notice that many of these quilts have a black background, if I make some blocks would you need them to be black, or could I use white. Or another color. (I’ll make you enough blocks for one quilt)

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