Best of Show Award

Award: Best of Show Quilt


Sponsored by: Gammill Quillting Systems

Title: Fractal

Maker: Claudia Pfeil

Quilter: Claudia Pfeil

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

The term "fractal" was first used by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975.Based on the Latin word Ñfractusì = "broken". The pieced background is overlayed by painted circles (acrylic paint and alcohol based ink) - machine appliqued ,organza and silk elements ñ the layers are enhanced by the choices of quilting designs. Embellished with 30 000 Swarovski Crystals.

Marie White Masterpiece Award


Sponsored by: Road to California, Inc.

Title: Turkish Treasures Maker: Pat Holly

Quilter: Pat Holly

Design Basis: Maker' Original Design

A wonderful trip to the beautiful country of Turkey inspired this quilt. Designs came from images of ancient Roman ruins as well as ideas from the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The top is silk fabric and is machine appliqued and machine quilted. I hand made the oya needle lace that is along the edge of the quilt.

Outstanding Artistry Award


Sponsored by: Handi Quilter

Title: Pinecones

Maker: Lenore Crawford

Award: Outstanding Artistry

Quilter: Lenore Crawford

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

This piece was inspired by photos I took at a nursery of conifers. I used my raw edged fusing technique to create the design and a small amount of fabric paint to add fine detail.


Sponsored by: Janome

Title: Art of the Ancient World Maker: Robin Gausebeck

Quilter: Robin Gausebeck

Award: Outstanding Wall Quilt

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

My husband loves Baltimore album quilts but that's not my quilting style. I have always been interested in art history and developed this design that has pleased us both. Each of the blocks is an original conception based on the motifs found in the architecture and decorative arts of 16 ancient civilizations from across the globe.

Outstanding Large Quilt Award


Sponsored by: Pollard’s Sew Creative

Title: Eternal Beauty Maker: Sherry Reynolds

Quilter: Sherry Reynolds

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

My mom's beauty in life shines eternally in my heart. Choosing colors she loved along with a Robert Kaufman print. 4yrs and 15,000 pieces later I created a vision of love and beauty in the night sky.The struggles I encountered were nothing compared to her lifelong struggles with MS but her courage and perseverance always prevailed. When I wanted to quit, cry or give up, I thought of her determination in the face of adversity.

Director's Choice Award


Sponsored by: Moore’s Sewing Center

Title: Champagne SuperNova Maker: Marilyn Badger

Quilter: Marilyn Badger

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Award: Director's Choice

Star Quilts have been a favorite of mine. This quilt evolved from my dear to make a red and black quilt. However, the gold theme sort of poppy out unexpectedly. Hand-dyed embroidery thread from Laura

Wasilowski and rushed trim from Japan played a big role in the finished project. And what's an exploding star without a few fireworks in the background!

Best Domestic Machine Quilting Award


Sponsored by: Baby Lock

Title: Gilded Roses Maker: Susan E Stewart

Award: Best Domestic Machine Quilting

Quilter: Susan E Stewart

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

This quilt was inspired by the lacy, watercolor-y rose machine embroidery design from Urban Threads, in a variety of soft colors to make all the roses just a bit different. The gold swirl designs are from OESD; the gold lace motifs are John Deer Adorable Designs. All the quilting was free-motion on an APQS George. The body of the quilt is entirely machine-made, but the binding was applied completely by hand, to get the curves nice and smooth!

 Best Hand Quilting Award


Sponsored by: World of Quilt Travel

Title: Aragonit

Maker: Mrs. Andrea Stracke

Quilter: Mrs. Andrea Stracke

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Award: Best Hand Quilting

The quilt design is inspired by diamond jewelry made in the Belle ...poque era (1884 ñ 1914). I am elated by the intricate motifs and scrollwork used during that period and interpreted it in a complex quilt design. All patterns are needle marked with a darning needle and with self-made cardboard templates, small details like the tiny feathers are quilted freehand. The quilting and the edge treatment ìknife edgeî are done by hand.

 Outstanding Modern Quilt Award


Sponsored by: Modern Quilt's Unlimited

Title: Direction Optional

Maker: Stephanie Z Ruyle and 2016 members of Bee Sewcial Quilter: Christine Perrigo

Design Basis: Modern

Bee Sewcial Group quilt: "LINEAR" PROMPT. The restricted color palette allowed makers creative license within limits. Assembly of the blocks from the 10 bee members was challenging requiring careful arrangement of made blocks and studied placement of filler blocks. (2016 Bee Sewcial members: SZ Ruyle, L Chahley, K Foster, H Goodwin, M Debetaz, D Jeske, MR Charbonneau, F Ronaghan, A Sullivan, K Vojtechovshy).

Best Longarm Machine Quilting Award


Sponsored by: Baby Lock

Title: First Frost Maker: Jan Hutchison

Award: Best Longarm Machine Quilting

Quilter: Jan Hutchison

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Inspired by the work of William Morris and quilted on linen with a metallic glaze. The design is highlighted by the use of machine trapunto and is quilted freehand on an Innova longarm.

Best Applique Award


Sponsored by: Pink Sand Beach Designs

Title: For Such a Time as This

Maker: Kathy K Wylie

Quilter: Kathy K Wylie

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Award: Best Applique

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Using hand-stitched turned- edge appliquÈ and domestic machine quilting, time is portrayed by clock numbers, monthly birth flowers and birthstones, leaves changing color with the seasons, moon phases, and the shapes of an hourglass and infinity.

Best Piecing Award


Sponsored by: American Professional Quilting Systems

Title: From The Inside Out

Maker: Catherine BUTTERWORTH Quilter: Catherine BUTTERWORTH

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

It seems Iím addicted to fussy cutting fabric motifs and the Feathered Star block was perfect for showcasing the centre cream design and surrounding pink floral. I designed the borders to once again showcase beautiful fabrics. Touches of machine couching, hand applique, Suffolk Puffs, 3 dimensional triangles and the odd French Knot were added for fun and extra interest. This quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted on a stationary machine.

 Judges Choice - Pepper Cory Award


Sponsored by: Wonderfil Specialty Threads

Title: Two Socks Maker: Natalie Mosher

Quilter: Natalie Mosher

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

I love putting animals on quilts. Typically I do realistic animals, but I stepped out of my box and decided to do a wolf in all Aboriginal fabrics. I named it after the wolf in the movie Dances with Wolves. It's my favorite so far!

Judges Choice - Cindy Seitz-Krug Award


Sponsored by: Sew Cherished

Award: Judges Choice - Cindy Seitz-Krug

Title: Mesa Verde Cliff Palace

Maker: Kathy I Adams and Joanne Baeth

Quilter: Kathy I Adams and Joanne Baeth

Design Basis: Original design based on Photos taken by Makers

Kathy Adams and Joanne Baeth live over 1,000 miles apart and both contributed to the design, construction and quilting of this quilt. Meeting only three times, most work was done independently, coordinated via phone and email. Original design inspired by photos taken by Kathy and Joanne on separate trips to Mesa Verde National Park. Panels by Kathy: Left and Bottom Right. Panels by Joanne: Center and Top Right.

Best Group Quilt Award


Sponsored by: Yazzii International Pty Ltd

Title: A Slice of Norway: Along the Fjord

Maker: Margot McDonnell, Pat Bliss, Evelyn Link, Anne King, Karen Adams Quilter: Margot McDonnell, Pat Bliss, Evelyn Link, Anne King, Karen Adams

Design Basis: Photo taken by Margot McDonnell

Five of us challenged each other to make this beautiful little village along a fjord. We shared some fabric but made and quilted the slices independently.

Best Use of Color Award


Sponsored by: Carriage Country Quilts

Title: Santorini Sunset Maker: Melissa Sobotka

Quilter: Melissa Sobotka

Design Basis: Personal Photograph

I desperately tried to photograph the golden hour (sunset) in Santorini Greece, but that was a image so many had already captured. So I added a new twist, and challenged myself to turn the sunset washed town into an abstract for a new perspective.

Most Humorous Quilt Award


Sponsored by: BlocLoc Rulers - USAUS INC

Title: Upcycle Cat Maker: Ann Horton

Quilter: Ann Horton

Design Basis: Makers Original Design

Inspired to use recycled shirts, buttons, trims and pieces from my stash this fun cat shows how an art quilter's mind works! His belly is made from a blouse belonging to my 93 year old mother.

 1st Place: Abstract Award

Award: 1st Place: Abstract


Sponsored by: Flynn Quilt Frame Co

Title: Conversations Maker: Lou Ann Smith

Quilter: Lou Ann Smith

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Abstract Category

I was inspired to create an abstract piece based on the lawn chairs in my back yard. I wanted to exploit color and shape to invoke a sense of connection and interaction, and provoke a mood conducive of good conversation.

 2nd Place: Abstract Award

Award: 2nd Place: Abstract


Sponsored by: Freedom Star United LLC

Title: Dark Matter Maker: Jennifer Emry

Quilter: Jennifer Emry

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

Black holes of hand-dyed fabric from a good friend provide deep and restful focal points in an otherwise- too-sweet composition.

 3rd Place: Abstract Award


Sponsored by: Cheri's Crystals

Title: Cool Jazz Maker: Shirley Gisi

Quilter: Shirley Gisi

Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

The blue background in Cool Jazz represents the "cool" and predominant red shapes are the "jazz". It is machine pieced with fused applique overlay. It features transparency, geometric design and stationary machine quilting.

Outstanding Wall Quilt Award

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