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Mixing Generations Makes Great Quilt Friends

Friday, July 8th, 2016

020 Valerie Hall and Velma Anderson, age 80,  met two years ago through their quilt guild, the African American Quilt Guild. The guild was having its show and Valerie struck up a conversation with Velma while waiting in line to buy fabric. Velma has been quilting since she was 9 years old. Valerie is just starting out. She says she is “learning the process.”  Velma said that she is “trying to be a good example to Valerie in helping her quilt.”  Road 2016 was Valerie’s first time at the show and she “loved it.” The show was Velma’s 5th time. She enjoyed the show as well but remarked, “I never have enough money.” 166 These three friends are each exactly 10 years apart in age. All from the Seattle area, Lois was born in 1949, Teresa was born in 1959, and Michele was born in 1969. They met 12 years ago at a quilt retreat. All three wanted to quilt, but didn’t have any quilting friends, so they signed up for the retreat and have been friends ever since. They came to Road 2016 with their quilt teacher and three other friends. Because of their teacher, Lois, Teresa, and Michele prefer traditional quilting using Civil War fabrics. However, they did say, “We also like to get out of the box.” They stayed the whole week of Road, starting with Preview Night on Wednesday, where they appreciated seeing all the quilts without the crowds. During the show, they had expectations to see high quality quilts and do a lot of shopping. They all agreed that their expectations were met. And what made their trip even more fun was that Teresa was a grand prize winner, having won 2 tickets to Road from a contest Road had sponsored last fall. [caption id="attachment_4158" align="aligncenter" width="625"]224 Charlotte, Brittany and Lisa[/caption] Lisa and Charlotte are running buddies. Lisa was always talking about her quilting and Charlotte wanted to learn how to quilt, so in 2012, Lisa started teaching her. After Charlotte began quilting, that interested her daughter Brittany to start. Now, Lisa, Charlotte and Brittany all belong to the same quilt guild. Lisa has been coming to Road since it began 21 years ago. She enjoys coming to the show because “it is a wonderful opportunity to meet other quilters.” No matter your age, sharing a love of quilting can break down any generation gap.]]>

May Day and Flower Quilts

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The First of May is traditionally a day to celebrate the beauty of Spring fowers. May-pole dances and May baskets left by the door are both symbols of the splendor of nature’s fresh bouquets.

Many of the award winning quilts from Road to California 2013 used flowers as their theme. In honor of May Day, here are some of those quilts for you to enjoy:


Lily Pad by Patti K. Van Oordt 





Elegantly Chained Garden by Diana Tatro




                                                                                                                                         Louise’s Poppies by Jan Popa                                                                                                                                                                                                                     





Aunt Millie’s Garden by Rebecca Yoder




My Mother’s Flower Garden by Janet Owens










Awaken, Spring by Kristi M. Hammer






Imperial Blooms by Catherine Redford





Roses for Mary by Ken Berg








Kaeru-san by Sharon Murphy