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A "Couple" Of Quilters

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Road to California is even more fun when shared with a spouse.


Meet Jan and Mike Rowe of Perth, Australia. (In case you were wondering, their air flights from Perth to Ontario, California took 18-1/2 hours!!).  Art and quilting are Jan’s passions. Her interest in quilting began 20 years ago when she was visiting her sister in England and ran across a sign advertising a quilt show. She has been quilting ever since, favoring “contemporary” designs. In 2001, she started teaching quilting. Mike and Jan travel all over the world, picking themes for their trips that almost always include a stop at some quilting venue. They came to Road as part of a one month tour around California for their 44th wedding anniversary. Mike is “very supportive of Jan’s quilting interests and turns a blind eye to her shopping.”



Road 2015 was Gary and Laynee Greenberg’s third visit to Road. From Fresno, California, Laynee taught kindergarten for 20 years, retiring in 2011. She started quilting after she retired. They always come to Road together. Gary enjoys supporting Laynee in her quilting hobby. In return, Laynee goes with Gary to his HAM radio events. Both Laynee and Gary appreciate the creativity that goes in to the quilts they see at Road. Gary observed,  “They are incredible.”



[caption id="attachment_3086" align="aligncenter" width="707"]Photo by Gregory Case Photography Photo by Gregory Case Photography[/caption]

Mel and Chong Ogawa drive up from their home in San Clemente, California to spend a day together at Road. Road 2015 marked their fourth time visiting the show. Mel says he comes along to offer “moral support” — and to manage Chong’s shopping bags. Chong has been quilting for 15 years. She likes to incorporate Hawaiian fabrics in her designs. Both Mel and Chong like viewing the exhibits. Chong likes to get new ideas from other quilters while Mel admires the quilts because they “look just like pictures.”   

Have you considered bringing your spouse to Road?


Meet the Glendale Quilt Guild

Friday, March 13th, 2015

The Glendale Quilt Guild’s 36th Annual Quilt Show and Retreat is this weekend, March 13 and 14, 2015 at the Pasadena Convention Center.Glendale Quilt Guild1

The Glendale Quilt Guild meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the first Congregational Church of Glendale. The guild has over 200 members. Tim Spinn has been a member for four years and is the newsletter editor. “I love the guild, says Tim. “There are always great educational opportunities and charity quilts to be made. It is a fun group to belong to.”Glendale Quilt Guild3

Loving Hands is the name of the guild’s committee that makes and donates quilts to worthy causes. They provide hundreds of quilts each year to various organizations including  LAC/USC Hospital, Glendale Adventist Hospitals, Veteran’s  Residential Facility, Alzheimer’s  Disease  Cooperative Study, Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley, Glendale YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter, Kaiser Hospice, MEND and the Foster Care Project at All Saints’ Episcopal Church Pasadena.

Carol Andrews is the “beloved member and founder” of the Glendale Quilt Guild and the Glendale Quilt Guild annual Quilt Show and Retreat.  In 1979, after attending a quilt conference in Palo Alto, California, Carol decided that “We need a quilt show in Glendale.” Carol enlisted the help of her quilt students and organized the First Annual Quilt Show of Glendale in 1980 at the YWCA on Lexington Avenue in Glendale. One of the vendors at that first show was none other than Road’s Carolyn Reese, who owned the Fabric Patch at the time. Carol oversaw the quilt show in Glendale for three years before turning full responsibility for the show over to the guild.  Glendale Quilt Guild2


[caption id="attachment_2972" align="aligncenter" width="617"]Glendale Quilt Guild4 Photo- Gregory Case Photography[/caption]

The theme for this year’s show is Home Is Where The Quilt Is. Their opportunity quilt, which was on display on Saturday at Road to California, has at its focal point, a log cabin house surrounded by log cabin blocks. The main quilt blocks were sewn by members of the guild with fabric donated by guild members.  

Road to California is pleased to announce that the Glendale Quilt Guild  has been selected as the featured Southern California Quilt Guild for Road 2016. The guild will be responsible for providing the quilts for the special atrium exhibit  located in the Arcade of the Ontario Convention Center. Congratulations, Glendale Quilt Guild!!



So You Want To Make A Winning Quilt? Thoughts From Our 2013 Masterpiece Winner

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Denise Havlan of Plainfield, Illinois, was awarded $3,000 from Sew Batik for her winning entry, The Peaceful Ones. This quilt took 2 years to create as Denise balanced her quilting time with her family and grandchildren time. 

How did Denise get started in quilting? Back in 1989, she unknowingly entered a quilt shop and was interested in what she saw. However, she “had no knowledge of sewing, let alone quilting. I took some classes and fell in love and the rest, as they say, is history.”

The Peaceful Ones was inspired by her favorite subject as a painter: Native Americans. When Denise started quilting, she wanted to render their images in fabric. Her work process was a journey that involved stretching her imagination, extending her physical capabilities, and making creative decisions that affected the outcome of her work.10731

What was Denise’s reaction when she won the Masterpiece prize? “It was the ultimate satisfaction when others recognized (my) creative efforts.” Denise feels that if one puts so much effort into a quilt, it needs to be recognized. She says it is thrilling to have other’s see her work in a quilt show and to come home with a ribbon is great.  When asked if she did anything special with her prize money, Denise replied, “The prize money is always spent before I get it…the ribbon is my award that lives on!”

There is no stopping Denise with her quilting endeavors. It is “forward in to the future” for her.



Why I Came To Road…The Three Top Reasons

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

We know that Road to California is the “Best in the West” Quilter’s Conference and Showcase. And we are grateful that over 20,000 attendees who visited this year’s show felt the same way. What brings our guests to Road? During the past show, we asked around and got all kinds of great responses. Here were the top three:

1) Variety: Alice from Reno, Nevada, was invited by her cousin to attend. She remarked, “I didn’t realize there was so much to see.” From the quilt displays, special exhibits, vendor booths to the classes and lectures, “There’s too much to get it all in a day.”(Most guests attend a minimum of two days) Valerie, a first time guest from Novato, California, observed, “The quality of the quilts is impressive. So many different techniques and styles to see and appreciate.”vendors__i4c5733

2) Fellowship and Friendship: Joyce, has been coming for the past four years from a remote town in Washington. She has to travel by boat, then prop lane, and finally a jet to reach Ontario, California. Coming to Road gives her a chance to meet up with fellow quilters, buy supplies, and be exposed to things that aren’t available at her distant home.



Then there are the four friends, Betty, Karen, Norma and another Karen, each from a different city around the state of Washington State.  They became interested when they saw an advertisement  for Road and thought it would be a good place to stay connected.


Debbi and Golda have been friends for over 58 years. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Debbi now lives in Alaska and Golda lives in Barstow, California. Since 2007, they have met up at Road, take a couple of classes together, then go back to Golda’s house and spend a week or two finishing their projects before Debbi heads back to Alaska.


3) Inspiration: Judy, from Florida, finds Road to be the perfect outlet to” get her out of her comfort zone,” and find new challenges to explore. By watching demonstrations, she finds out about the latest techniques to take back and try at home. She makes the most of her week by signing up for three night time events and a lecture a day. For Linda, from Mission Viejo, California, Road is “my vacation—I love it!!” When you are relaxed and away from it all, you can let the creative juices flow.


Road to California is a great place to be inspired, find friends, and be exposed to all kinds of quilting delight. Mark your calendars now for next year’s show. The dates for Road to California 2014 are January 23-26. Hotel reservations can be made now. Show and Class Registration starts on July 13, 2013. For more information, check our web site: www.road2ca.com.

What brings you to Road?