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Posts Tagged ‘Art Quilt’

So You Want To Make A Winning Quilt: Director’s Choice

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Yuja received the Director’s Choice Award at Road 2017. It was made and quilted by Linda C. Anderson. Linda received $5,000 from sponsor, Moore’s Sewing Center.Winning Art Quilt

Linda C. Anderson has two passions: sewing and drawing. She began sewing clothes at age 12 and has a Master of Fine Arts in drawing. She had no idea that she could combine both of these skills until 2009 when she saw her first art quilt.  It was then that she immediately knew that she had found what she was going to do for the rest of her life.  She went home and taught herself to do just that.  Quilt after quilt has been an ongoing learning experience for Linda, taking her to where she is today. The idea for Yuja came from a PBS article that Linda found on Yuja Wang, a fascinating and very contemporary personality in the world of classical piano.  She knew after reading the article that she wanted to tell her story.  Telling unique stories of different people is what Linda says she is drawn to do. Linda’s art pieces usually take between 2-3 months to complete, depending on size and complexity of detail. She will typically work on a piece 6 days a week, 8 hours or more a day until it is finished. Beginning in 2015, Linda reported that Yuja took 2 solid months to create.  She has learned not to shortchange the outcome and just do the tedious work the stitching details require. Linda loves detail stitching. It isn’t until she gets in to the actual stitching that she realizes there is always more details than what she originally considered.   So, as Linda says, “I just plow on, because the final result is worth my time.” When Linda found out that Yuja had won Director’s Choice, she was “incredulous, and thrilled, to say the least.  I know there are hundreds of juried entries, and the quality is always so high.  I go each year to learn from what I see and keep improving.  That my piece was selected as Director’s Choice (was) a huge honor.” What did Linda do with her prize money from Moore’s Sewing center? She reported that she is “a big saver in general,” but that she does have her “eye open for a new loveseat for our kitchen area.” Where will Linda’s art quilting take her next? She went to China last year and took a lot of photographs.  Linda says, “It’s a spectacular country, rich in history and beauty.  I am currently creating art quilts for a series entitled, Dreams of China, that I will be continually adding more pieces to this year and the next.  There are a lot of stories of people there to tell.” You can learn more about Linda and see some of her art quilts on her website. ***Editor’s Note: The Director’s Choice Award is personally chosen by Road to California’s Show Director, Matt Reese. Since Matt has a bachelor’s degree in music, there’s a pretty good chance that any music themed quilt entry will be considered for this prestigious award. (Wink. Wink.).]]>

Road 2014 Faculty Spotlight: Frieda Anderson

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Frieda will be teaching three, all-day classes at Road 2014: #4001-Aspen Leaves Table Runner on Thursday;  #5001-Rambling Rose on Friday; and #6001-Little Landscapes Art Quilt on Saturday. On Sunday, she will be teaching a half day class: #7001-Irisfriedaanderson02-headshot

Personal: Frieda Anderson has taught quilting classes in such faraway locations as Australia and New Zealand. No matter where she goes, she has found that quilters are all the same.  Frieda was born in Corinth, Mississippi and has one older sister. She has three sons, two grandsons and a faithful companion, her 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier, George. No one else in her family (including George) quilts. Her favorite food is coffee ice cream. When she’s not quilting, Frieda enjoys photography, art, knitting, and old movies. The last book she read was, A Dance with Dragons by George RR Marin.

How did you get started in quilting? I have always made things, even as a very young child. I made my first quilt for my dolls, and made my first big quilt in high-school with the help of my maternal grandmother.

Where do you find inspiration for your quilting? All around me. Much of my inspiration comes from my daily walks in the woods with George. Trees, leaves, bark, wildflowers and the flowers and birds in my garden and yard.fandersonwhispering

What is the one quilting tool you cannot live without? My iron. It makes everything clean and crisp.

What has been the best class you have taken? A shibori class.

What do you like best about teaching? Meeting all the great people. I find that I always learn something from my students and meet so many kind and fun people. I feel like I get to make new friends every time I teach.fanderson_spring_full

What has been the funniest or most embarrassing moment that you’ve had while you were teaching? Well, I ran into a person I knew in high-school. She was a year younger than me and her brother was in my class. Terri White and I reconnected after 35 years. It really is a small world.

What do you want students to get out of your class? The freedom to create what they can dream.anderson_frieda_winterforest

What is your best tip for quilters? If you fail, do not give up. Try again.anderson_woodland_full

Please visit Frieda on her website: www.friestyle.com