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Welcome to the Road to California Blog

Meet Road 2020 Faculty: Longarm Quilter Karen Sievert

September 9th, 2019

Renown Longarm Quilter, Karen Sievert, will be busy at Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show as she will be teaching nine classes!!! They include:

Six Partial Day Classes:

8101C – Free Motion Feathers on Monday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

8102C – Trapunto And Shadow Trapunto on Monday from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

8201C – Tools Rule! on Tuesday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AMlongarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

8202C – The Finishing Touch on Tuesday from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

8301C – Beautiful Backgrounds on Wednesday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

8302C – Whole Cloth, A Different Perspective on Wednesday from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

Three Full-Day Longarm Quilting Classes

***Students will receive hands-on experience using stand-up Innova longarm machines***

4017N – Beginning Longarm Quilting on Thursday

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

5017N – Fantastic Feathers on Friday

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

6016N – Tools Rule! on Saturday

longarm quilter class Road to California Quilt Show

Get to Know Longarm Quilter Karen Sievert

  Karen Sievert

Karen Sievert proves that just because you aren’t good with something the first — or the second — or the third time — you try something new, keep working at it and things will eventually turn around.

Karen’s path to quilting began with her sister dragging her in to a quilt shop. Her sister told Karen that to quilt, “all you needed to do was sew a straight line.” Karen soon learned her sister had told her a lie. Karen tried domestic quilting first. It hurt her shoulders and she wasn’t very good at it.

With her tax return in 1998, Karen purchased a longarm machine. Starting out as a longarm quilter, Karen said she was terrible at it and knew that no one would ever pay her to quilt their quilt.  So she decided to put some “sweat equity” in to learning how to longarm quilt. She spent a lot of time and effort teaching herself and eventually figured it out, developing her own personal style.193

For the first couple of years, she opened a shop/studio that housed her longarm and spent 8 hours a day quilting. When her family moved to the state of Washington in 2000, she did the same thing and had her business there just 2 years before her Navy husband got emergency orders and was transferred to Italy. There wasn’t any opportunity for her to sew in Italy, so she put her creative efforts in to designing patterns for domestic machine piecing.

When her family moved back to the states in 2007, Karen worked on her first book, Better Together, that featured her patterns. Since she didn’t want to pay anyone to quilt her patterns for the book, she went back to using a longarm machine and spent a lot of time practicing different skill sets to use for the quilts in her book. When she published her second book, Prairie Point Pizzazz in 2011, Karen began to be noticed more for her longarm skills than her pattern making. She soon gave up her domestic piecing and focused solely on teaching longarm quilting which she has been doing ever since.  194

Road 2020 will be longarm quilter Karen Sievert’s fourth time teaching at Road to California. What does she like about teaching at Road to California? Making so many friends, seeing the excitement and enthusiasm on her students’ faces and getting new ideas from her students that “motivate my own creative juices.”

To learn more about Karen and her free motion long arm skills, visit her website.

Fabric Inkjet Printing

September 6th, 2019

A popular $5.00 Lecture at Road to California 2019 shared tips on how to be successful with fabric inkjet printing.

Led by Stephanie of easyFAb Design Studio, her company has perfected the skill of taking pictures, downloading them to an inkjet printer and printing them on printable inkjet fabrics to create memory quilts, family trees, pillows, silk scarves, tote bags, kid’s photo books, and other small keepsakes.

 inkjet printing on fabric

Fabric inkjet printing involves four things in combination:

inkjet printing on fabric
  1. Photo
inkjet printing on fabric

If the photo is in a camera or phone, download it to a computer. Hard copy photos can be scanned into the computer. Edit the photographs for cropping, color saturation, color density, brightness and contrast. Be careful to maintain a resolution in the range of 150-300dpi.  

  • Printer
inkjet printing on fabric

Fabric inkjet printing requires Inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are the most common consumer home printers on the market today. Laser printers do not work with inkjet fabric sheets.

Because printers are different, become familiar with basic printing features as they relate to fabric inkjet printing such as paper tray versus top feed; adjustment for height of printhead for paper thickness; and ink saturation percentages.

  • Printer Ink

There are two types of ink that work with printable fabrics: dye-water based and pigment inks. Most home inkjet printers come with dye-based inks. While pigment ink printers are preferred for fabric inkjet printing, they are hard to find.

  • Inkjet Printable Fabrics
inkjet printing on fabric

Inkjet fabrics come in both cotton blends and silks. These specialized fabrics are coated with chemicals that stabilize the ink, enabling the fabric to take high resolution prints without bleeding, allows for washing, and lets the fabric hold its original drape and feel. The fabrics used in fabric inkjet printing are backed with paper which allows it to flow through an inkjet printer. Because each manufacturer’s chemical formula is different, make sure to closely follow their directions.

Other fabric inkjet printing tips Stephanie gave were:

  • When considering what photographs to use, keep in mind that inkjet fabric paper is limited in size (8.5” X 11”) as to what goes through the printer.
  • Always test the printer’s coverage and saturation by first printing on a small piece of printable fabric.
  • Do a test-print on paper to check for color, layout, and size.
  • Remove loose threads and dust from printable fabric before printing.
  • After printing, let photo rest before rinsing and washing the fabric. Beware that shrinkage might occur.

Inkjet fabric printing is a great way to personalize and preserve memories in a variety of fabric-based projects.     

Meet Vendor The Quilted Trillium

September 3rd, 2019

Trillium: (n) tril·​li·​um | \ ˈtri-lē-əm  \  a plant with a solitary three-petaled flower above a whorl of three leaves, native to North American and Asia.

When friends, quilters, and business partners, Dee and Pam, set out to begin a quilt supplies business, they chose as their business name a feature of their community. Living in the Pacific Northwest, the trillium flower represents the first sign of Spring and hope. They had hope that their business would be successful—and that hope has been fulfilled!!

Pam has since left the business, and Dee’s best friend, Robin, has joined her, expanding the original business model to include primitive rug hooking and raw edge Batik applique.

The Quilted Trillium Road to California Quilt Show

What sets The Quilted Trillium apart in the world of applique is the technique they use. “It is a gift to our customers.” Because of technology, they are able to offer a technique that incorporates a fusible (they only use one brand), and a little glue. Pattern pieces are first finger pressed on, then ironed. There is absolutely no tracing involved!! Robin and Dee call it Raw Applique, a form of handwork that requires some cutting, some ironing, and a little sewing after all the pieces are in place. “It’s like painting by numbers.”  It took them a couple of years to develop their process and then to design their own patterns.

What is The Quilted Trillium’s favorite tool to use with their special technique? Kai Scissors Omnigrid 4″ Needlecraft Scissors. “They are the best on the planet.”

The Quilted Trillium Road to California Quilt Show

Besides Road to California, The Quilted Trillium only visits 5 -6 regional quilting shows a year. They attribute their big following of customers to coming to visit them in their booth at these shows.

The Quilted Trillium Road to California Quilt Show

Their “cozy, little cabin” is always a fan favorite. Coming up with the idea for their booth has been “life changing” for The Quilted Trillium. Their booth is small enough to feel comfortable and is the perfect size for displaying their kits, patterns, fabric and tools.

People are always telling The Quilted Trillium that they sought them out specifically to see the cabin and experience the “Art Gallery” feel. Then they stay for the demonstrations.

The Quilted Trillium Road to California Quilt Show

Robin and Dee also hear a lot of comments how much customers like the “squishy” floor of the booth.   

Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show will be the third time The Quilted Trillium will be at the show. For Robin who grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, Road “feels like coming home.”

To learn more about The Quilting Trillium, please visit their website.

Judges’ Favorite Quilts

August 30th, 2019

Road to California is fortunate to be able to call on quilt industry leaders to be the judges for its annual Quilt Contest. For Road to California 2019, the judges were David Taylor, Linda V. Taylor and Kimberly Einmo. Together, in an all-day process, they determined who received the $92,000 in prize money to the over 200 quilts accepted for judging.

judges' favorite quilts Road to California quilt contest

After the judges determined the main prizes, they then got to pick which quilts were their judges’ favorite quilts:

Judges’ Favorite Quilts: David Taylor

David chose for his judges’ favorite quilts, Happy Easter, which was made and quilted by Aki Sakai. Aki received $1,000 for her miniature quilt.  

judges' favorite quilts Road to California quilt contest

From Japan, Aki has been quilting for over 25 years. She says her quilt designs always represents her “favorite things.” Aki remarked, “I like cute and small things very much. And I like to make seasonal quilts. The Easter bunny in the middle is my daughter. Her Japanese zodiac sign is rabbit, and she belonged to the juggling club.” Even though it is a miniature quilt, it took Aki about 5 months to make. It is entirely handmade.

judges' favorite quilts Road to California quilt contest

Judges’ Favorite Quilts: Linda Taylor

Guns N’ Roses received Linda V. Taylor’s designation for judges’ favorite quilt.

It was made by Karen Brandt and quilted by Karen McTavish. The two Karens received $1,000 from Sponsor, Sew Cherished, for their award-winning quilt.

Karen Brandt said that her “favorite applique is Baltimore style.  Guns N’ Roses is Baltimore with a Texas twist.” It took about one year for her to complete this design.

Judge’s Favorite Quilts: Kimberly Einmo

The bright and whimsical, Pear Drops, was chosen by Kimberly Einmo for her judges’ favorite quilts.

Made and quilted by Cheryl Kerestes, Cheryl’s original design was “inspired by a love of flower gardening, appliqué, machine quilting and embroidery.” The quilt took two years to make and was made from “unusual fabric colors” in her stash. Cheryl commented that this quilt was made “step by step without a plan, not knowing how it would work out.” She said she learned that a person can “make a quilt without planning the whole thing.” Cheryl also received $1,000 for her work. Her prize was presented by Sponsor, Wonderfil Specialty Threads.

Thanks to our wonderful judges for combining their years of quilting experience and expertise in awarding Road 2019 prize winners.

Showcasing Quilts By So Cal Quilt Guilds

August 28th, 2019

Road to California is all about supporting quilt guilds and their endeavors, especially providing a platform for showcasing quilts made by their talented members.

Annual Quilt Guild Exhibits

Each year, Road asks a quilt guild to supply the quilts that hang in the Atrium of the Ontario Convention Center, showcasing quilts that welcome our guests to the show.  

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Quilt Guilds are also given the opportunity for showcasing quilts that they have made to raffle off for their philanthropic endeavors.    

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Special Quilt Guild Exhibits

Recently, Road’s owner, Matt Reese, wanted to expand and give quilt guilds another way for showcasing quilt. He approached the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and invited them to create a special yearly exhibit.

Emerging Light

The first SCCQG 2018 Road to California Special Exhibit for showcasing quilts was called “Emerging Light.” The challenge was to create a quilt that illustrates the concept of “Emerging Light” in some form. Quilters were to consider the possibility of light appearing within a traditional set of blocks, a modern composition, or an art statement.  Any quilting technique from traditional block(s), appliqué patterns to modern modes, or mixed quilting techniques could be combined into the quilt. The quilt had to be no less than 72 inches nor more than 160” in total circumference. Forty quilts were displayed in this exhibit.

showcasing quilts  quilt show

New Quilts of Southern California 2019

The second SCCQG 2019 Road to California Special Exhibit showcasing quilts was called “New Quilts of Southern California 2019.” Local guild members were encouraged to enter a ‘wall hanging’ size quilt that was new and had not been widely shown. It had to be one of their latest creations with no kit quilts accepted. The only major requirement that the entry had to have been finished in 2017 or 2018 and be in excellent condition. Sixty quilts were accepted into this exhibit. The outcome was a medley of sizes that ranged from small to large creating a collage of traditional, modern, artistic formats incorporating a multitude of quilting techniques. The collage of quilts filled the length of the hallway and areas of the Upper Ballroom inspiring engaging conversations about what they were witnessing.

What’s in store for 2020, Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show

This coming year, the SCCQG 2020 Road to California Special Exhibit showcasing quilts, is called “Honoring Road to California.”  SCCQG wanted to thank Matt Reese and his team for their dedication to bringing extraordinary quilts and vendors to Southern California as they share in celebrating this 25th Anniversary. Guild members have been challenged to create a quilt that is inspired by “this spectacular quilt show” and features a technique that was either learned in a Road to California workshop or uses a pattern/book and/or fabric purchased from a vendor at Road to California during the years 1995 – 2019. The prescribed quilt dimensions are 32” wide by 36” high in order to accommodate more quilts. The response so far has been very rewarding as prospective entrants have all been energized by what they have discovered each time they have attended Road to California.

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Thank you to SCCQG Board Member, Stephania Bommarito (a quilter for over 40 years!) for curating these special exhibits showcasing quilts from quilt guild members. We can’t wait to see the special 25th Anniversary tribute!!

Take A Quilt Bus Tour With Us

August 17th, 2019

One of Road to California’s most popular Special Events are the two quilt bus tours held in conjunction with the show. Road sponsors the quilt bus tours along with The Traveling Quilters.

quilt bus tour

Lynn Crawford and Pam Overton, owners of The Traveling Quilters, have been leading quilt bus tours since 1990. Both Lynn and Pam are experienced quilters. They combine their love of quilting and travel in providing unique experiences for Road to California.

It’s not uncommon to have returning guests on our quilt bus tours. 2019 was the third time for Janice and Roylene. Janice is from British Columbia and Roylene lives in Eastern Washington. They both spend their winters in the Palm Springs area and are “winter neighbors.” Roylene commented, “It’s great to let them do the driving and we get to see the sites.”

quilt bus tour

Even the bus driver, Roger, is a big fan of our quilt bus tours. He has been the lead driver on 15 of our special tours!! “It’s always so exciting to be around quilters. They are so happy and I like to see what they are doing,” says Roger.

quilt bus tour

Previously, the quilt bus tours were offered the day before the show opened and the day after the show closed. We’ve changed things up for Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show. Our special quilt bus tours are scheduled for Tuesday, January 21st and Wednesday, January 22nd. Both bus trips will be headed to the San Diego area.

The first stop for the quilt bus tour will be at Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, CA. This is home base for the one and only – Eleanor Burns.

Guests will have time to shop before and after watching Eleanor tape one of her quilt shows. Eleanor will also be joining the quilt bus tour for lunch catered by Panera Bread.

After lunch, guests will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour at Quilters Paradise where most of Quilt in a Day’s pre-fused, laser cut kits are made.

As the quilt bus tour makes it way back to the Ontario Convention Center, it will stop in Murrieta at another one of Road’s vendors – and a Road Sponsor – Primitive Gatherings. This wonderful shop has something for everyone:  wool kits and wool, primitive fabrics, reproductions, and a wide selection of bright, contemporary-to-modern fabrics.

***Note: This very special quilt bus tour departs earlier than previous years’ bus tours. The registration fee includes admission to the Eleanor Burns show, lunch and all gratuities.

For more information regarding our special quilt bus tours for Road 2020, please visit our website.

Multiple Winning Quilts For One Talented Quilter

August 17th, 2019

Not only did Catherine DuCharme win Best Applique for Happy Trails, she also received honors for two additional quilts at Road to California 2019:

2nd Place, Other Wall, for Pieces of the Past

Multiple Winning Quilts

And, First Place, Other Large, for Heirloom Romance.

 Multiple Winning Quilts

Pieces of the Past is from a pattern by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio. Catherine shared that she has enjoyed embroidery since she was nine years old and that Pieces of the Past combines her love of dishes and embroidery. While making this quilt, she learned a new technique for making the borders. She used the foundation paper piecing technique to make the crazy quilt blocks and then selected various embroidery stitches and designs to embellish them. Catherine thanked Diane Beauchamp for doing “a beautiful job quilting it.” Catherine displays the quilt in her dining room and every time she walks past it, she “smiles inside.”

Multiple Winning Quilts

Pieces of the Past received $750 from Sponsor: Elna Inc.

Heirloom Romance was another pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio. Catherine said she was “excited to embroider the vintage purses and embellish them with beads.  I think I made the 9 vintage purses in just a month of stitching and then I put them away. One day I found them, and I thought I just had to finish the quilt. So I started making the crazy quilt setting blocks; I really enjoyed playing with the designs in the blocks and using beads for embellishments.” Diane Beauchamp quilted this quilt also.

Multiple Winning Quilts

Sponsor, Pineapple Fabrics, awarded Catherine $1,000 for her winning entry.

What did Catherine think about having multiple winning quilts, receiving three prizes in one Road to California Show? “Oh, I was absolutely in shock to discover that I had three winning entries! Everyone had told me how difficult it was to be accepted so originally, I thought I’d submit three quilts hoping that one would be accepted for the 2019 show. I had plans to go to the quilt show with my Mom and my niece (who has just begun quilting) and I thought it would be fun to have one of my quilts on display. Imagine my surprise when all three of my quilts were accepted! Then on the day that the winners were announced, I kept checking my email all day. After 5:00 pm, I texted my girlfriends and I told them that I didn’t win. Boo hoo! Then three and a half hours later, the emails starting coming in…..I couldn’t believe it! All three of my quilts were winners!! And the prize money totaled $3250! I had to text all of my girlfriends again with the good news! I am so thankful for the sponsors who donate the prize money.”

Congratulations Catherine DuCharme for your multiple winning quilts at Road to California 2019.

Best Applique at Road 2019

August 17th, 2019

“Happy Trails” by Catherine DuCharme, received $1,500 from Sponsor, Fiberworks Inc.

best applique at  road 2019

What do you do if you’re a quilter who has attended Road to California many, many times and have always admired seeing the winning quilts on display? Well, if you’re Catherine DuCharme, you set out to make your own winning quilt!!! Not only did she achieve her goal, she tripled her expectations as she was recognized for three winning quilts at Road 2019!!!

Ever since her late 20’s, Catherine has admired quilts. She went on a trip to Canada and came upon a quilt shop where she commissioned two quilts that were hand quilted by a Canadian woman who was in her 90s.  As the years went by, Catherine said that she “yearned for a time in my life when I could try my hand at making a quilt.”

best applique Road 2019

That time didn’t come until she was 54 years old when she found that she “had a little extra time and I decided to make a quilt for my Mom’s 75th birthday. I bought a book and some fabric and dove in! I had no idea what I was doing and I was so frustrated at first. My Mom had made a log cabin quilt, so she had some experience. She was sure that we could make the quilt, so we worked on it together and voila! It came together! After that, I had a little more confidence so I made a log cabin all by myself.  That began my journey into quilting and I’ve been quilting almost every day since 2011.”

Catherine says that she “absolutely” loves quilting. Why does she love it so much? “The craft is so varied with the multitude of techniques and approaches to the art that I find myself continually engaged.  I’ve made embroidery designs, crazy quilt blocks, pieced quilts, and appliqué. I think my favorite is appliqué and I love the Baltimore style quilts.”

The first of her winning designs was for Best Applique at Road 2019, Happy Trails. What inspired this winning design? “When I first saw Happy Trails designed by Pearl P. Pereira of P3 Designs, I fell in love. It is so different than anything I’d seen before. Years ago, when I was a novice quilter, I had tried to make one of Pearl’s quilts and it was just too difficult for me; it was beyond my skill level. But, I was determined to make Happy Trails. So I took my time, I gathered my tools, and I worked patiently. I also attended a retreat in Carlsbad, CA to learn Pearl’s Off the Block technique for appliqué. That really helped me to practice the technique for preparing turned edges on very small pieces. After I completed the quilt top, Diane Beauchamp quilted it. She is truly an artist and I love the quilting designs she used. For both of us, Happy Trails has been a labor of love.”

It took Catherine 6 months to collect all the fabrics for Happy Trails. She said that it was “a lot of fun” to choose her fabrics.  She began stitching the quilt in February 2018 and it took another six months to finish it. She used a Silhouette cutting machine to cut all the freezer paper templates which “really helped a lot!”

What does Catherine plane to do with her prize money for Best Applique at Road 2019? It will “go towards my quilting passion! I have at least 15 quilt tops hanging in my closet that need to be quilted, so I will use the prize money to pay for some of them to be quilted.”

Encouraging Young Quilters

August 13th, 2019

Road to California Quilter’s Conference and Showcase has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to encouraging young quilters.

Encouraging Young Quilters

Angela is 12 years old and came to Road 2019 with her mom, Laurie, and her two grandmothers, Levonne and Stella. This family is all about encouraging young quilters as they each support and guide Angela with her quilt making. The first quilt Angela made, she entered it in Road’s young quilters contest at the show. Named “Rainbows over Clouds,” Angela made it from scratch, taking over 6 months to make.

Encouraging Young Quilters

Each month, she would go to her grandmother Levonne’s house to work on it. Laurie said that Angela enjoyed “every facet of the process” and was so dedicated. “It all came from her.”  Stella was “very impressed” with the “patience” her granddaughter showed for being so young. Levonne shared that it was ‘thrilling” for her to pass on the love of quilting to Angela as she becomes her family’s fourth generation quilter. Angela is looking forward to trying paper piecing and applique for her next project. She also wants to try longarm quilting.    

Encouraging Young Quilters

Makayla, age 17, has already been quilting for 10 years!! Road to California 2019 was her first time at the show and she was “amazed” at seeing firsthand how Road is encouraging young quilters. She attended the show with her grandmother, Ruthanna, from Fresno, California. Ruthanna started Mikayla sewing by helping her make doll clothes. She noticed that Mikayla had a lot of “talent” with sewing and knew she needed to “keep her focused” by introducing her to quilting. They enjoyed getting new inspiration at the show.

Encouraging Young Quilters

Trinity (17) and Tyanna (13) are sisters who have a famous quilting cousin, Latifah Saafar. They credit Latifah for inspiring them to start sewing.

Encouraging Young Quilters

The girls came to Road 2019 to see Latifah’s booth and quickly saw how “everyone is so nice and welcoming” at the show, encouraging young quilters.  

Encouraging Young Quilters

Ava (11) and Melanie (13) come from a quilting family. Their mom, Julie, made her first quilt along with her mom (the girl’s grandma), Claudia. Julie said she hand quilted that entire quilt. Melanie is currently working on a quilt, a kit she got from one of Road’s vendors, Pineapple Fabrics. Ava said that she has been coming to Road since her mom was pregnant with her!!! She was looking to start her first quilt and appreciated all the ideas and encouragement she found at the show.

Do you have a young quilter you can bring to Road to California 2020? The 25th Anniversary Show is the perfect venue for encouraging young quilters.               

Plan Ahead For Travel

August 10th, 2019

The excitement for Road to California 2020 – 25th Anniversary Show is building!! We’ve had record numbers of class registrations which is a great indication that quilters are as excited about the upcoming show as we are.

That is why we are suggesting that you plan ahead for travel NOW for transportation and housing — especially if you will be traveling from out of the area. . Whether you will be attending the show alone, with a friend or two, or in a group, the information below can assist you in making the most of your visit in January.

Group Travel Transportation

Plan ahead for Travel Road to California Quilt Show

Chartering a bus to attend Road to California is a great alternative to get to the show. By leaving the driving to someone else, not only do you save the headaches of driving in Southern California traffic, bus riders also save money to attend the show. Group travel discounts for show entrance are given when there are 30 or more travelers on a chartered bus that has been registered with Road to California. The price of a ticket for each member of the group is discounted $4.50 per person. If tickets are purchased by cash or check, Road extends an additional .50 cent per ticket discount.  These tickets are valid for all days of the show including Preview Night. Please note that tickets can only be purchased for the group travel bus riders. Additional tickets cannot be purchased for anyone from the group not arriving on the bus. Road provides one free admission wristband for the group travel coordinator and one for the bus driver upon arrival at the show. Street parking for chartered buses is limited around the Ontario Convention Center. A bus parking pass can be purchased for $40 per day ahead of the show. On site, same day bus parking passes are $80, and availability is not guaranteed.  Need help filling your group travel bus? Let us know on the registration form. Road is also happy to advertise your chartered bus trip on our website.

Discount for Jenny on the Road when you charter a bus

New for 2020, Missouri Star Quilt Company will soon have information on their website about chartering buses from their area. Groups who plan ahead for travel by registering their bus trip through Missouri Star’s site will receive $3.00 off their purchase of registration to attend Jenny on the Road Friday night, January 24th or Saturday morning, January 25th.


Whether you are staying one night or for the entire show, you can plan ahead for hotel accommodations. Road to California uses Passkey, an online reservation system that insures the best possible pre-negotiated rates for all Road attendees. Hotels on Road’s list are either in direct proximity of the Convention Center or have direct shuttles to the Convention Center. Road personnel have toured and inspected each hotel on our list to ensure that they meet our standards.  Hotel brands include AZURE HOTEL & SUITES, DOUBLETREE BY HILTON ONTARIO, HOLIDAY INN, RESIDENCE INN, SHERATON ONTARIO AIRPORT and THE ONTARIO GATEWAY HOTEL which is going through extensive renovations and will be the future host hotel for Road’s premier event.

Planning ahead for Travel to Road to California Quilt Show

Another benefit of using Passkey to plan ahead for travel is that group travel reservations are guaranteed. Road has secured specific requirements in our contracts that protect your group from a situation where they are forced to cancel your rooms.
For more information on how to use Passkey, please follow this link.

It’s never been more convenient to plan ahead for travel for chartered bus tours and hotel accommodations to Road to California.