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Judge’s Choice Winner Marilyn Belford

Marilyn Belford was selected for Judge’s Choice from David Taylor for Norwegian Tree Trolls during Road@Home

Marilyn Belford

Artist Marilyn Belford is a Quilt Winner

Before her quilt journey that began 20 years ago, Marilyn Belford was an artist and managing director of AARG (the Association of Artist–Run Galleries) in Soho, New York City. She had shown her work in various galleries and museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art’s P. S. 1… the Museum’s Contemporary and Avant-Garde division. Marilyn was a conceptual artist as well as an abstract painter.

When her husband retired, they moved from New York City to upstate New York in the early 1980s. Marilyn discovered that the art scene in upstate New York was not the same, as that of Soho. She lost contact with her many friends and associates in Soho because of the traveling distance. It was at this point that Marilyn discovered quilting.

Marilyn Belford’s very first quilt was a portrait quilt, My Parents. She was in a fabric shop and discovered the book by Deirdre Scherer. Marilyn immediately exclaimed, “My God! Look at what can be done with fabric!!” Marilyn credits that book for her inspiration. A friend encouraged Marilyn to enter My Parents into a show, so she entered it into the American Quilter Society Show, where it won the National Award (which consisted of a placard and a crystal vase).

Marilyn Belford

From then on Marilyn became very involved in art quilting, entering many shows, and winning many awards.

Marilyn Belford

Why did Marilyn Belford choose to enter the new, Road@Home Quilt Contest? “I entered the Road@Home contest because I have always loved the work that the show has chosen to be seen. This was not the first time that I displayed some work with the show, albeit it was not virtual, but the actual works on display. The category “What You Think You See” is the perfect category for my quilt because if you see a tree troll, it may be just what you think you see, and perhaps not real. It was easy to choose the category to enter because the staff at “Road” has great explanations to help you select the proper category.”

Making Norwegian Tree Trolls

If you ask Marilyn Belford how long it took her to make Norwegian Tree Trolls, her response would be, “I never really keep track exactly. But I like to say it takes the same amount of time to give birth to a child. Of course, all this depends on the size of the quilt. The Tree Trolls is of medium size, so it must’ve taken somewhat less than that estimation.”

The inspiration for Norwegian Tree Trolls came from Marilyn’s love of “Sturm und Drang”, a love of the dramatic. She had been working on a Mythology series. After doing several of Greek mythology, she decided to do some of Norse mythology. Marilyn fell in love with the idea of gremlins living and hiding in trees within a forest. The Norwegian Tree Trolls was the result.

Marilyn Belford

Techniques included in Norwegian Tree Trolls were the use of raw edge appliqué with a fusible web to hold it on to the muslin. When she decided that all the pieces were in place and looked good, Marilyn then fused it by steam pressing. After, Marilyn “thread painted” the quilt. Her friend, Jamie Wallen, did the quilting.

The Road@Home Experience

Regarding Road@Home, Marilyn commented, “In today’s world of virtual quilt shows, I thought Road@Home did an expert and beautiful job of presenting all those remarkable quilts so that the world can truly enjoy them with ease. I am sure everyone appreciates what you have done. I know I do very much.”

When Marilyn Belford had learned she had won Judge’s Choice awarded by David Taylor, she was “thrilled” to get the news. Marilyn said, “I am very familiar with the marvelous works of David Taylor, and I love them. I am told that David is very thorough in his choices for winners, which adds much to my pleasure of having been selected.”

What are Marilyn Belford’s quilting plans for the rest of 2021? “I have just finished thread painting my next quilt which is called “The Ride of The Valkyries.” It is under the needle of the long arm being quilted at this moment. It is a large quilt. I am also working on a portrait of my granddaughter Rachel. I made one of her many years ago when she was about 10 years old. She is now becoming 30 years old, and I felt I wanted her as she looks for the major part of her life.”

To learn more about award winning artist and quilter, Marilyn Belford, visit her website.

2 Responses to “Judge’s Choice Winner Marilyn Belford”

  1. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    I am quite familiar with both Marilyn Belford’s work and David Taylor’s work. So I am thrilled that he picked Marilyn’s tree trolls as judge’s favorite. Marilyn deserves the award!

  2. Helen Smyrek says:

    I love Norwegian Tree Trolls, I am a fan of all things mystical,magical and legendary. Very interested in your technique! Congratulations on your win!

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