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Road@Home “What You See” 3rd Place Winner

A Bright Idea by Lynn Czaban

Lynn Czaban

Lynn Czaban, Portrait Quilter

Most people start out small when they first start quilting. Not Lynn Czaban. She began quilting in 1986 with an English Paper Pieced Dresden Plate baby quilt. Lynn says it did take her many years before she finished that quilt. During that process, she made more traditional pieced quilts as gifts for family and friends.

Lynn Czaban

In 2005, Lynn Czaban made her first portrait quilt, and she continues in that genre today. She has entered several quilt contests including Road to California in 2020 where she received first place in her category, Human Image, with another portrait quilt.

Lynn Czaban

Lynn entered Road@Home’s quilt contest because of her success the year before at the in-person Road. “Over the years I have been lucky enough to earn a few ribbons and attend the quilt show (Road to California) in person. The category ‘what you see’ was the best fit for my quilt.”

Making A Bright Idea

Lynn Czaban’s inspiration for A Bright Idea initially came from a local guild challenge entitled ‘Once in a Blue Moon.’ Lynn’s first thoughts while brainstorming ideas was “how good I’d feel if I happened to come up with a great plan.” That spark led Lynn to “Once in a blue moon, I come up with a great idea.”

It took Lynn about three months to complete the quilt. Techniques she used included fused, raw edge appliqué, thread sketching and contour quilting.

When Lynn found out she had won third place in the category, “What You See,” her reaction was “surprise” and “delight.” Lynn commented that “I had received the judge’s comments in a separate email in the days prior to the show but no mention of a ribbon. So it was a great surprise to find it had been awarded 3rd place when I viewed the virtual show the first time.”

Lynn thought Road@Home “was fantastic! I personally did not take any classes but have friends who did. They spoke very highly of the caliber of teachers and of the classes themselves. I enjoyed the Virtual Quilt Show and look forward to a time we can all meet in person. Thank you to the ‘Road Crew’ for keeping it going in these difficult times.”

Future Quilt Plans

Lynn says that she has no plans for A Bright Idea other than have it “hang it in my studio. That smiling face reminds me to keep looking for inspiration.”

For the coming months of 2021, Lynn says she will continue to hone her skills by taking virtual classes. “So many teachers thinking outside the box is one of the benefits to this pandemic.”

Lynn also intends to create new work with a deadline as well as enter more contests, challenges, and calls to entry. She says a deadline and new themes will be her future motivation.

To learn more about Lynn Czaban, visit her Facebook Page

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