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Affordable Quilting and Technology

The Grace Company is one of Road to California’s newest sponsors. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, they came to Road 2020 to get their name out to more quilters and share their vision of quilting and technology.

quilting and technology

The Grace Company is Quality, Value, and Experience  

A leader in the quilting industry for over 30 years, The Grace Company products have not only revolutionized the industry, but they have also given those with a love of quilting “the ability to create masterpieces almost beyond belief.” The Grace Company has become the number one producer of both machine and hand quilting frames. They have also expanded to specialize in quilting hoops, rotary cutting notions and quilting machines, utilizing affordable quilting and technology.

The Grace Company is known for their outstanding leadership in three areas:

Quality– Their machines are built as reliable as any other high-end long arm machine

Value– The Grace Company purposely keeps their prices down by focusing on what is required for an optimal quilting experience, not just convenience.  

Experience– Through customer interaction, The Grace Company relies on customer satisfaction over time to remain relevant and competitive.

Strategic Partners in the Quilting Industry

The Grace Company has teamed up with other well-known quilting brands who together, want to drive the quilting industry forward. These brands include, Handi-Quilter, Bernina and Juki. “We are fortunate to work with all levels of companies to help all levels of users,” shared Nathan Erznoznik, Director of Marketing and Sales for The Grace Company. “We are truly team players as all of us have our company’s best interests in mind. We encourage people to go to other companies if we don’t have what they are looking for. In return, these companies will send people to us who are looking for the best quality for the best value.”  

A Quality Rail System  

Grace Frames are known for the smooth and fluid feel of their track and carriage system. When using a machine quilting frame, a sewing machine sits on a carriage, which rolls back and forth on a track. Grace frames utilize smooth ball bearings in high-quality steel wheels that practically glide along the plastic tracks in the frame.

quilting and technology

The value of their quilting frames allows people to get into The Grace Company’s quilting and technology system at half the price of what their competitors charge. They were the first company to offer a midline long arm machine for under $6,000. “We are able to provide the first experience into mid-value long arm machines for our customers,” said Nathan.

Road 2020

The Grace Company was excited to be a new sponsor at Road 2020. Remarked Nathan, “Road has a fantastic location, great crowds and comes at a great time of the year.”

Quilting and Technology

To learn more about this innovative company that combines quilting with technology, visit their website.

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