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These Men Are Quilting Fans

Road to California is a great place for families to meet up. Not just for moms, grandmas, daughters, and aunts. At Road 2020, we also saw lots of dads, grandpas, sons, and uncles who were quilting fans too!!

Hamilton, Missouri Visitor

quilting fans

Craig and Pat have been to Road to California six times together. From Irvine, California, both are quilting fans of the artistry element of quilting. Craig has accompanied Pat to Hamilton, Missouri – home of Jenny Doan and the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Pat makes a lot of Jenny’s patterns and Craig always enjoys seeing the finished quilts. “They are fun to look at,’ remarked Craig. Pat shared that Craig is her “design and color consultant.” She commented that “he is really good at it!”

Multi-talented Artist

quilting fans

During the Show, Jason sat in the main hallway of the Ontario Convention Center, helping his wife, Sue, check in volunteers. Jason shared that he is an artist, tattooist, painter, quilter and longarm quilter. Sue said that she introduced Jason to quilting three years ago and two years ago, encouraged him to start longarm quilting, where he became her “personal longarm quilter.” Soon after, he started a longarm quilting business and has quilted over 300 quilts for clients. These quilting fans belong to the Inland Empire Quilters Guild. Each year for their Quilt Show, Jason contributes opportunity baskets that include hand painted Featherweight machines that Jason makes especially for the show.  

Understanding the Meaning of Quilts

quilting fans

Arcadia, California residents, Luke and Robin, are originally from China and came to the United States in 2002. Robin has been sewing for 8 years and just recently started quilting. This was their second time at Road. The first time they came, they only stayed 30 minutes and quickly found out, that was not enough time. These quilting fans wanted to understand better the meaning behind quilts and quilting by attending Road. Luke added, “I like visiting different artwork and (Road) was interesting.” He especially liked the Special Exhibits, seeing the “ideas from many creative minds.”

Road to California Owner

Matt Reese grew up around quilts and Road to California. From a young age, Matt, his sister, and cousins, helped their Grandmother, Carolyn Reese, put on the show. He spent several years moving equipment around when the vendors moved in and out on the vendor floor. Later, he and a buddy were asked to stay for the entire show, doing “gopher duties,” which gave him a great perspective of all that goes on at Road to California. Matt’s role changed greatly when he became the Manager of Road. In this capacity, he oversaw acquiring teachers and setting up the classrooms. Then, in 2016, when his grandmother retired, Matt became owner of Road to California. While Matt has never finished a quilt, he is one of the HUGE quilting fans. He owns several quilts (his favorites include ones made by the Egyptian Quilters), visits quilt guilds, and enjoys taking in all the Special Exhibits at the show. He especially appreciates the opportunity of choosing the Director’s Choice winning quilt.

2020 Director’s Choice Winner: Boogie Brass Band by Sharon Casey

At Road 2020, Matt and his wife, Jennifer, had one son, Braden. This Spring, in the middle of Coronavirus, they welcomed twin sons, Owen and Oliver. We are confident that these three sons will be quilting fans too!!!

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