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Mother-Daughter Quilters

Road to California is a great place for mothers and daughters to come and share their love for quilting.

First Project Together: Log Cabin

Mother-Daughter Quilters

Mother-Daughter Quilters, Melissa and Savannah from Phelan, California, like Road to California because it is the “biggest quilt show” where you can get “anything and everything.” Melissa started sewing at age 8 making garments. She thought quilting looked “interesting” because all it required was straight stitching. She soon found out that incorporating straight stitching into a ¼” seam was more difficult than it looked.  Melissa decided she needed some help if she was going to master this quilt basic, so she took a class at the old Calico Horse in Redlands. That class set her on her way to her quilting addiction. Savannah, age 20, watched her mom quilt over the years and became interested in doing it herself. Melissa taught Savannah how to use a basic sewing machine. The first quilt project they did together was a log cabin quilt block. Today, they both enjoy being Mother-Daughter Quilters.

Small Town Hobby

Mother-Daughter Quilters

Jody and Linda live in Calgary, Canada. They said they became Mother-Daughter Quilters because there isn’t much to do in their small town. Linda has been quilting for 15 years and Jody has been quilting for 12. Road to California 2020 was their first time at the show. They came to see Jenny Doan and when they found out how much there was to see and do at the show, they already decided that they will be coming back. They had a fun time seeing Jenny. They loved the atmosphere and the energy of her presentation.

A Great Gift for Mother-Daughter Quilters

For the past two years, Mercy has given her mother, Ernestine, tickets to Road to California. It’s close to Mercy’s home in Murrieta, California and is a good excuse for her mom to come visit from Tehachapi in Northern California. Ernestine has been quilting for over 40 years and Mercy has been quilting for 20. These Mother-Daughter Quilters loved seeing all the quilts at the show. “It is really big,” commented Ernestine.

Shirley has been giving her daughter, Roxanne, tickets to Road for the past 8 years as her birthday gift. They come to the show from South Gate on a bus with their machine quilting class. Shirley had encouraged Roxanne to start quilting. At first, Roxanne would go with her mother to her quilting class and take notes for her, then typed the notes out.  She now considers herself a “novice” quilter.

Destination Get Together

Mother-Daughter Quilters

Judy and Kendra don’t quilt; they are “quilt appreciators.” Kendra first heard about Road to California from a friend and has been attending for the past five years by herself. She loves the show (“even though I don’t quilt”) so much, that she wanted her mom, Judy, to see it. Judy came from Colorado just to see Road. Judy liked “imagining the people” who made all the quilts and appreciated their work. “It just stuns me.” While they are not Mother-Daughter Quilters, they are Mother-Daughter needle workers. They even liked looking at the vendors, trying to find their next project.     

Winning Mother-Daughter Quilters

Sara and Clarice are Mother-Daughter Quilters who decided to make their first art quilts and enter them into the Cherrywood Fabrics Bob Ross competition—and they both won a spot in the traveling exhibit!!  Sara is a painter who had been inspired by Bob Ross. She had a lot of fun making her first art quilt and is excited to try more. Clarice has also been inspired by Bob Ross and loved that she and Sara worked on this project together.

Road to California offers lots of opportunities for Mother-Daughter Quilters to enjoy, make, and share their appreciation for quilting.        

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