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Winning A Lunch Date With Jenny Doan

Road to California is always looking for ways to engage fans before the show starts in January. With the celebration of Road’s 25th Anniversary happening at Road 2020, it became clear that Road had to offer a BIG giveaway to draw attention to the occasion. That BIG giveaway ended with a chance for winning a lunch date with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

25th Anniversary Giveaway

Twice a week, from December 2, 2020 through January 11. 2020, Road to California gave away prize packages made up of items donated from some of Road’s fabulous 2020 teachers. Twelve prize packages that were ultimately given away!!!  

The prize packages included quilt patterns and books, quilting tools, quilt notecards, a specially designed mini quilt and a surprise box donated by Jen Kingwell that weighed over 3 pounds!!

The grand prize was winning a lunch date with Jenny Doan for the winner and a friend, plus two front row seats to see “JENNY ON THE ROAD” on Saturday morning. Over 400 entries were received for the grand prize. The winner chosen for a lunch date with Jenny Doan was Donna Bach of Tempe, Arizona. For Donna’s “plus-one,” she chose her husband, Mark.

Winning a lunch date

The Winning Quilter

Donna Bach has been quilting for over 8 years. Her neighbor across the street got her into quilting and remains her “quilting mentor” to this day.

Donna “loves” Jenny Doan. Donna saw Jenny in Phoenix at an event and thought she was “hilarious.” “I love her patterns and her videos.” Donna added, “Jenny is very humble. It is admirable how she takes care of her family.”

Donna’s husband Mark commented, “I hear Jenny’s theme song and I know that Donna is watching another video.” He was particularly impressed with how Jenny “took a small town and built it into a haven.”     

When Donna entered the giveaway for winning a lunch date with Jenny Doan, she never dreamed she would win. As soon as she found out that she was the winner, she posted it on Facebook, letting all her friends and family know.

winning a lunch date

Lunch with Jenny Doan

A private room overlooking the main Exhibit Hall was the location for the luncheon. Jenny and her husband, Ron, joined Donna and Mark for a relaxing time.

winning a lunch date

Road to California’s owner, Matt Reese stopped by to meet Donna and congratulate her. While he was there, everyone learned that Matt’s undergraduate degree was in Tuba Performance and Jenny’s was in Theater. Matt and Jenny decided that they needed to work on a project together, a CD called, “Love Songs on the Tuba.” (Road will be sure to let everyone know when it comes out 😊)

What did Jenny and Donna talk about? Well, children and grandchildren, of course.

Jenny gave details on her story, how her family got to Hamilton, Missouri and how the business started. “The Missouri Star Quilt Company is located on Highway 36 – the Highway of Geniuses. J.C. Penney, Mark Twain, and Walt Disney all got their start along that highway.”  

Jenny shared that she does not use a computer to design her quilt patterns. “I just have to try stuff.”

Donna told Jenny how much she loved her pillowcase tutorial. “I have made it over and over again.” She asked Jenny if she has had a favorite moment. Jenny answered, “Every time I do something new, it is my favorite.” She especially loves “When I do something with a new block and I realize, ‘Oh my gosh—this is going to work.”

Donna asked Jenny would she have done anything differently? Jenny replied, “No. I’ve learned so much about the business from my son.” As for the future of Missouri Star? “I would love to have our town become a craft center where every woman brings a man so that they can do something together.”  

winning a lunch date

Winning a lunch date with Jenny Doan is something Donna Bach will never forget.

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