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Remember When Jenny Doan Came to Road 2020?

Road to California and Missouri Star Quilt Company partnered to present Jenny Doan and Jenny on the Road as a part of Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show in 2020.

Jenny had visited Road to California for the first time in 2018. She taught classes and presented a trunk show. She was so well received that Road knew having Jenny back as a part of their 25th Anniversary Celebration would be a great addition to all the special anniversary plans being planned.

What was Jenny on the Road?

Jenny Doan

Right after Road 2018, Jenny Doan and the Missouri Star Quilt Company started a new venue for Jenny to get out among her fans.  Jenny on the Road took Jenny around the country to meet fans, tell the history of her company, and share inspiration on quilt making. Jenny was accompanied by some of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. employees who got to see the face of their company in action.

Jenny Doan

Jenny on the Road was offered twice during Road – on Friday night and Saturday morning. Guests who attended Jenny on the Road, received special SWAG bags filled with Missouri Star merchandise, had the chance to talk with Jenny and take a picture with her, and shop at a special Missouri Star Pop-up Shop created especially for the event.

Jenny Doan Fans

Sally, Robin and Diane are quilters who also show horses together all over the country. They live in the Midwest (Texas, Indiana, and Kansas) and have gone to Hamilton, Missouri – home of Missouri Star – the past three years.  They rent a house nearby, sew, party and shop while they are there. In 2019, the three women finished 12 quilts while they were in Hamilton.  Diane, who has been quilting for three years, recognized how Jenny “has done amazing things to get new people into quilting.” Diane said that her four-year-old granddaughter’s favorite YouTube show to watch is Jenny Doan and Missouri Star Quilt Company’s channel. Sally is the one who got Robin and Diane into quilting. She said, “Road is the best. I love all the quilt vendors.” They have already made their reservations for Road 2021.

Cathy and Jerry live in Santa Clarita, California. Cathy has been quilting for over 30 years. She and Jerry have been to Road to California 6 times. They enjoy looking at the quilts when they come to Road and particularly liked the new exhibit venue set up in the ballroom for 2020. “It was a much more relaxed atmosphere,” remarked Jerry. After visiting Missouri Star in 2019, Jerry made his first quilt. “We went to Jenny’s office while we there and she stopped everything she was doing to talk to us.” Cathy said she loved talking to Jenny about how her family values brought the town of Hamilton back to life.

On Saturday morning, Joyce from South Australia, said that she travelled all the way to Road to California just to meet Jenny Doan. She became acquainted with Jenny from You Tube and loved her personality. “She is such an inspiration.” A quilter for over 60 years, Joyce thought her Road experience was “fantastic.” She loved seeing all the “beautiful quilts.”

Jenny Doan

Terry and Jan live in Claremont, California. Jan has been quilting “forever” and Terry has been doing longarm quilting for the past 15 years. Terry said, “I listen to Jan as she listens to Jenny’s You Tube channel. Jenny has a personality that you just want to get to know her.”   

The Future for Jenny Doan and Missouri Star

Like everyone else in the country, the Coronavirus has affected business in Hamilton, Missouri. Their official statement on their website reads, “ Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our in-town shops and reschedule or cancel many upcoming events and retreats to keep our guests and employees safe. During this uncertain time, your well being is our greatest concern. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and hope you will be able to come visit us soon!” Their calendar shows that Missouri Star hopes to be up and running this summer and be able to hold their annual Birthday Bash in September.

Road to California 2020 was the last time Jenny Doan and Jenny on the Road made an appearance before the Coronavirus shutdown. Road was thrilled to host such a dynamic and influential quilt superstar at our 25th Anniversary Celebration.     

Jenny Doan

One Response to “Remember When Jenny Doan Came to Road 2020?”

  1. Pat Towner says:

    My cousin from Reno, friend from Alaska and I had the privilege to go to Jenny’s class and also her talk. We enjoyed every minute of it. He talk is so inspiring. Thank you Jenny.

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