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Meet The Simi Valley Quilt Guild

Started in the 1970’s, the Simi Valley Quilt Guild has 125 members. Before Coronavirus, they met on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and every other year, they hold a quilt show. Their next quilt show is scheduled for October 2020.   

Community Supporters

The Simi Valley Quilt Guild believes that being visible in the community is an “important thing.”  They have a large quilting force that meets twice a year to make quilts simply to give away. Blocks for the quilts are done individually and then put together in groups.  

Every event they support – Street Fairs, The Simi Valley Blues Festival, and Simi Valley Days – the guild sponsors a booth where they display quilts and sell quilt related items. Some of the proceeds from their booth goes to the event they are supporting.

Road to California 2020

Like many local quilt guilds, the Simi Valley Quilt Guild had their latest opportunity quilt on display during Road to California 2020.   

Simi Valley Quilt Guild

Psychedelic Hexies was designed by guild member, Debra Delahunt. It is 74” by 79” and was constructed by guild members.

Debra was on hand at Road to answer questions about the quilt. She also brought along her 12-year-old granddaughter, Brooke, who participates in her grandmother’s mini-group with the guild, “Patchwork Pals.” The group makes quilts for Quilts of Valor and tiny quilts for local hospitals to give to premature babies.

Simi Valley Quilt Guild

Brooke has been quilting for almost a year. Her grandmother, Debra, taught her how to quilt. Brooke has already attended two quilting retreats and has designed her own quilt. Brooke’s “Nail Polish Quilt” was made for her manicurist. Brooke has her own Brother sewing machine and thinks quilting is “relaxing.”

Staying in touch during COVID-19

California has had “Shelter in Place” restrictions since March 13th. Citizens have been restricted to their homes, avoiding any unnecessary public activities. How does the Simi Valley Quilt Guild stay in touch during these stressful times?      

They utilize their monthly newsletter as a way to share member’s stay-at-home projects and  recipes, coordinate a quilt block exchange, and even solicit help in finding sewing machines to lend to local middle school sewers so that they can finish school projects that were started before their schools went exclusively to online learning.   

Simi Valley Quilt Guild
May Block Exchange: “Mini Bow Tie”

To learn more about the Simi Valley Quilt Guild, please visit their website.

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