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Creative Relief from Coronavirus

Quilters and crafters have a lot of free time on their hands due to the recent precautions being taken to ward off the Coronavirus. And that’s not a bad thing. Staying in homes and observing social distancing provides the perfect excuse to Carry on and Create without worrying about pressing schedules and responsibilities.


Uniquely Crafts LLC is a Great Solution to Coronavirus Boredom

For the second year in a row, Uniquely Crafts LLC was a vendor at Road to California, offering a fun and soothing way to create with a medium other than fabric. The company is a family owned and operated business out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For the past five years, they have been designing and selling 5D Diamond Painting tools and canvas.

Owner Amy Regal has found that not people who attend Road are quilters. Sometimes, quilters bring along a non-quilting friend. “Crafters like to also create something with their hands. Our product is something anybody can do,” observed Amy.  

Each kit sold by Uniquely Crafts LLC comes with everything needed to complete a 5D Diamond Painting: a tool set, design canvas sheet, color coded instructions, and of course, the beads. The kits are portable; a canvas can be rolled up and taken along to appointments or on trips. And with the Coronavirus, when everyone is homebound, the kits are perfect to use along with watching television. Should an artist lose beads, Uniquely Crafts LLC takes pride in responding to customers the same day, mailing replacement beads at no extra charge.

New for 2020

Amy is constantly looking at what designs are popular and trending to update her products. She also listens to her customers and works to produce designs that they are looking for such as a sloth or fox—both new designs.

Because customers had a hard time reading her original designs, Uniquely Crafts LLC switched manufacturers who can now accommodate easier instructions that use numbers to code the beads instead of symbols.

What else has been added since Road 2019?

  1. Beginner Kits. The kits are half bead work and half painted canvas to engage starters in not getting discouraged by attaching so many beads. The beads are also larger for younger crafters.

New products. Two new products included journals and cards. The 60 – 100 page journals come in 66 different designs.

The cards can also be put in 5X7” frames for display.

Additional designs with quilters in mind. The popular sewing machine design now comes in four new colors: purple, pink, blue and teal. New designs include a fabric stack, patchwork fabric, and a button jar.

Round and Square Beads. Round beads are larger and perfect for beginners. For more complicated pictures, square beads fit together like a cross-stitch pattern and the finished result looks more like an actual picture.

Ziploc bags for storage. The bags are numbered by bead color and are easier to use when needing to put beads away when working on a project.

What to Expect in the Future

Starting this month, new products will include bookmarks and later this year, Christmas ornaments. Amy is working on having tote bags with a window to slip in any 12×12 design by Road 2021.

Amy was looking forward to attending 30 to 35 shows in 2020, but the Coronavirus is having her reevaluate her plans. Customers interested in purchasing Uniquely Crafts LLC products during the Coronavirus pause in quilting and crafting shows, can go to their website.

Did you know that Uniquely Crafts LLC purposely does not sell on Amazon because she would prefer to support the small business mindset? “Thank you to everyone who buys from me direct because you are supporting small business in the United States,” said Amy.    

Don’t let Coronavirus get you down. Use this temporary situation of staying inside your homes to be creative. Quilt and craft away!!!

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