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Why Class Evaluations Matter

At Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show, Road offered over 200 classes, Lectures, and Special Events. To help us get feedback on what was offered – and to help us plan for future quilt shows — we provide each instructor and all students with a Class Evaluation to complete before leaving the Show.

class evaluations

Road staff appreciates the input it they receive from the class evaluations. All class  evaluations that are returned are read. Comments and feedback received are evaluated to see what changes need to be made for the future.

Past Changes Instituted  

Some of the changes Road has made from past class evaluations have included:

Turn on irons before class starts to make sure they are working

Change the way classes are numbered for registration

Replace ironing board covers as needed

A past common complaint was that the irons were not hot enough. To address this issue, we take all classroom irons back to our office and clean them after the show is over. Then, we test each iron to make sure they are working before boxing them up and storing them for next year’s show. If an iron is not working, and cannot be repaired, we take them out of our inventory.

class evaluations

Suggestions We Don’t Have Control Over

There are some issues from the class evaluations that we cannot fix, especially when they have to do with the Convention Center. We are a contracted guest with the Convention Center and need to adhere to their rules and regulations. Still, we will let them know of the concerns we receive such as issues with the food or the temperature in the classrooms.

Teacher Recommendations

Road to California prides itself for getting the best and most relevant teachers in the quilting and sewing worlds. The class evaluations play an important part in helping us secure those types of teachers. Road’s Show Assistant, Stevii Graves, makes a list of all the recommendations and researched those names she is not familiar with. Some teachers suggested might be retired,  their teaching style does not fit Road’s teaching philosophy, or they might even have passed away.

class evaluations

Future teachers that we will be bringing to Road based off class evaluations include Sue Nichols, Paula Nadelstern and Sue Spargo (who will be coming in 2021).

Road to California takes very seriously each and every class evaluation that is returned. They are very important as they help us plan for future events. If you were not able to fill out a class evaluation at Road 2020, please contact our office at info@roadtocalifornia.com and we would be happy to send one out to you.

Thank you to all those whose comments help make Road to California the Best in the West Quilters Conference and Showcase.     

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