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Jen Kingwell at Road 2020

Do you know Jen Kingwell?

An Australian, Jen Kingwell describes herself as “a traditional quilter with a modern twist.” In her perfect world she would hand stitch everything but with today’s busy lifestyle, she does machine piecing as well. Hand appliqué and quilting are among her favorite pastimes.

Jen Kingwell at Road 2020

Jen “stumbled” into quilting 30 years ago. She is a teacher, author, and designer for Moda Fabrics.  Jen has owned quilt stores for over 15 years and currently owns amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia.

Jen Kingwell at Road 2020

Jen taught 7 handwork classes at Road to California 2020.   

Jen Kingwell at Road 2020

She found Road 2020 to be a “fantastic show” that was “well organized.” Jen added that she had a “really nice experience” teaching every day of the show where she met “the loveliest ladies” who were enthusiastic and willing to try whatever she gave them to do.

We stopped in during Jen’s Creative Hand Quilting and Finishing class and talked to some of her students:

Debra was from Discovery Bay, California. She said she got lots of good information from Jen and that the class was fun, casual and relaxing.

A Road to California attendee since the show was in Anaheim, Elaine has been quilting for over 26 years. Even though she lives local (in Orange County), she likes to stay overnight in one of Road’s host hotels so she can walk over to the show. At Road 2020, Elaine took  2 classes. “I haven’t done any sewing since last January at Road 2019 so I’m excited to pick it up again. I like handwork; repetition is relaxing. Jen is excellent.”

Jen Kingwell at Road 2020

Kim and Brenda are sisters-in-law from San Diego, California. They have been attending Road to California together since 2011. Brenda started quilting 15 years ago. She sold Kim her old machine and taught her how to quilt 13 years ago. Brenda said, “Now Kim is teaching me!!” They belong to Sew Easy Girls where they sit and sew every Thursday.

A Sewing Tip From Jen

One tip that Brenda learned from Jen was how to use thread from the right end of the spool. Thread your needle first, then cut the thread from the spool. Doing it this way, the thread and the knot will go with the nap of the thread.

It was great having Jen Kingwell at Road 2020, reminding her students how handwork is relaxing—and fun!!!     

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