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Added Benefits At Road 2020

Road to California has a reputation of anticipating the needs of our guests before the Show begins. It is our goal to provide the best possible experience for the over 42,000 visitors who attend by offering added benefits.

Registration Desk

While most classes don’t start until 8:30 AM and the Show Floor doesn’t open until 9:00 AM (10:00 AM on Sunday), one of the added benefits with the Ontario Convention Center’s main hall opens at 7:30 AM. Road Staff are on hand at the two Registration Desks (near the north and south entrances) to answer questions; hand out reserved show tickets; give directions; and offer support. Some convention center food is also available before the Show opens.   

added benefits

The North Registration Desk is also the place to enter our Daily Raffle each day. Show Sponsors donate sewing machines each day and on Sunday, a sewing table, to be won in our daily drawings.  

added benefits

In addition, the South Registration Desk is the place to turn in any squares and/or quilt tops for Roadies Give Back.


As with most public venues, there never seems to be enough women’s restrooms. We solved that problem years ago. Founder, Carolyn Reese, arranged with the Convention Center for added benefits of having some of the men’s restrooms accessible for women. When you visit one of these specially accommodating restrooms, a pleasant surprise awaits you, courtesy of Carolyn’s creativity.

Scooters and Other Wheels

We understand that some of our guests have mobility issues, so as some added benefits, we have arranged for scooter and wheelchair rentals. One Stop Mobility will again be offering equipment rentals for show guests and are located at the south-east entrance of the Convention Center, in front of Room 107A. Items for rent include:

Scooters: $60/day – Pre-Bookings or $65/day – At the Booth

Wheelchairs: Starting at $25/day (4-day rate)*

Power Wheelchairs: Starting at $48/day (4-day rate)*

Equipment Protection Plan: $10/day or $5/multiple day

*The price quoted is for a standard unit. Pricing for heavy-duty models are more. Check with One Stop Mobility for special pricing.

Units are limited so we are recommending you make your reservation before the show to ensure you get what you need. You can make your reservation by calling One Stop Mobility at (714) 533-1444 or fill out their online form: https://www.onestopmobility.com/road-to-california-quilt-show/

As a note of caution, Rolling Carts are not allowed on the Show Floor. They are only welcome to take class supplies to and from vehicles.   

Strollers are only allowed on the Show Floor on Sunday.


The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority. For the past eight years, Road to California has hired special security detail to walk the show floor and hallways, scrutinizing body movements and behavior as they watch out for shoplifters and employees stealing from their employers.

To further ensure guest safety, the Convention Center hires a private ambulance service. They are located at four stations in the Convention Center: under the stairs in the South Lobby; in the Pavilion Tent; in the Main Hallway and in the North Lobby. The medics can help with any kind of medical emergency before, during and after the show each day. Should a medical situation arise, medics advise that you “raise your hand for help” and someone will come to your aid. If they can’t handle a situation, they are prompted to call 911 and have an ambulance come to the Convention Center.

added benefits

These are just a few of the added benefits Road to California offers during the Show. Guests who have any additional concerns or needs should contact Road at least 10 days prior to the Show by email at info@roadtocalifornia.com

2 Responses to “Added Benefits At Road 2020”

  1. Carol Currid says:

    The converted men’s restrooms last year were a surprise and very clever! The entire venue was very pleasant. Can’t wait to return this year!

  2. Janet Martin says:

    Could you please have more chairs available for us attendees. We need to sit now and then and it is impossible to find a chair. Thank you.

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