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Meet New Road Sponsor and Vendor: The Grace Company

Over 30 years ago, The Grace Company started as a way to meet a need in the quilting industry.

In the 1980’s, Grace Bagley was working at a local quilt shop, Mormon Handicraft, in Salt Lake City, Utah. As she listened to her customer’s needs, Grace shared with her son, Jim, her ideas for a new type of quilting frame. Jim held on to her ideas and his own creative wheels began to spin. Soon, Jim was manufacturing a machine of his own invention: a quilting frame with a no-baste rail system that he named the GraceFrame.

In 1987, Jim attended his first International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas where he was able to promote the GraceFrame beyond a local success to a thriving national business. The Grace Company quickly became the go-to company for those needing the best possible equipment, offering both machine-quilting and hand-quilting frames featuring a professional-quality rail system, improved fabric tension, height adjustment to fit sewing machines, and speed control and stitch regulators.

Today, The Grace Company continues to innovate new exciting ideas and designs, leading the quilting industry in excellence and quality.

A Quality Rail System   

Grace Frames are known for the smooth and fluid feel of their track and carriage system. When using a machine quilting frame, a sewing machine sits on a carriage, which rolls back and forth on a track. Grace frames utilize smooth ball bearings in high-quality steel wheels that practically glide along the plastic tracks in the frame.

The Grace Company

Quilting Accessories

One of The Grace Company’s innovative quilting accessories is TrueCut, their ruler track and cutter guide system. On each side of the ruler is a track that works with the guide on the rotary cutter. As the cutter s moved along the ruler’s track, the guide keeps the cutter from veering away from the ruler’s edge.

The Grace Company

Other accessories include quilting hoops, patterns, clips, patterns and a laser stylus—just to name a few.

The Grace Company at Road to California

The Grace Company is a Ruby Sponsor of Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show. They have generously contributed $2,500 which will be used as prize money for winning quilts in the 2020 Quilt Contest.  

In their vendor booth, The Grace Company is looking forward to sharing their products and meeting new people. They will be featuring their long arm Q’nique quilting machines, Frames, Accessories and Quilting Automation.

The Grace Company

The Q’nique 15 Pro delivers high value for its price point with the most sought-after features, top-of-the-line quality, and user-friendly operation–all in an affordable package. It’s new convenient touch-screen has simplified menus and with a more powerful motor, the machine has a faster speed and enhanced stitch quality.

Road to California is proud to welcome The Grace Company, as it continues to offer a tradition of creativity, innovation, and customer-centered service.

To learn more about The Grace Company, please visit their website.  

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