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Meet Road 2020 Teacher: Pepper Cory

Pepper Cory will be teaching 4 classes at Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show which include two Handwork Classes:

On Wednesday, 3005G – Pocket Patchworks

Pepper Cory

And Thursday, 4008G – Its A Wrap — Introduction To Sashiko Stitching And Furoshiki

Pepper Cory

Pepper is also teaching two quilt classes where students need to bring their own sewing machine:

On Friday, 5007G – The Allsorts Quilt – A Very BIG Drunkard’s Path!

And on Saturday, 6007G – Plaid Is The New Black

Learning Quilt Techniques From Elderly Ladies

Pepper Cory’s quilt journey began in 1972 when she purchased an antique quilt at a rummage sale for $1.00. She knew right then that she wanted to make quilts, so she sought out experts around her to teach her the art. Those experts happened to be mostly elderly ladies. Since that humble beginning, Pepper began making her own quilts, writing books about quilts, designing needlework tools, and sharing her love of quilting by lecturing and teaching.

Pepper Cory

For seven years (1976 – 19983), Pepper Cory owned her own quilt shop, Culpepper’s Quilts, in East Lansing, Michigan. Today, Pepper is known for writing seven books, designing nine fabric lines, and creating more quilting designs than she can count! Her special quilting interests include scrap quilts, Southern antique quilts, the Japanese art of Sashiko (country quilting), hand quilting, and incorporating traditional designs in new combinations.

She will be traveling to Road to California from her home in North Carolina that she shares with her husband, Rod, and two cats who are her “quilt testers.”

Pepper Cory

Drunkard’s Path Obsession

Pepper Cory admits that she has had a “lifelong obsession with the Drunkard’s Path pattern.” This obsession has fueled many of her quilt designs. Pepper’s first quilt with large Drunkard’s Path templates, Eclipse, is a “somewhat scrappy quilt” centered on a dark pieced circle in the middle of the quilt. That is the quilt she will be teaching at Road 2020 on Friday along with Meteor Shower, which resulted from experimenting with large templates and combining with Drunkard’s Path units as well as other patchwork patterns.  

This Friday class is titled The Allsorts Quilt. Allsorts was named after a British candy mixture and came about after Pepper found two pieces of coordinating prints that she loved but only had one and a half yards of each print. In order to make a queen-size quilt, she added nine solid color fabrics and paraded them across the patterned background and even out into the border.

Pepper At Road 2020

Pepper Cory will start her time at Road 2020 serving as one of the three judges for the Quilt Contest where she will assist in determining who will win the $92,000 in cash prize money. She says that she is “eagerly” looking forward to seeing the quilts that are entered from all over the world. “Road has a reputation for attracting really fine quilts and I always sense that I’m seeing quilts that will set trends and inspire others.”

She is looking forward to teaching and is hoping that her students “have a good time learning. Instilling confidence is my main objective. If they get to a real finish that’s great but I’m also open to communicating with students after the class.”

Pepper is also looking forward to seeing her friends and reconnecting with students from other classes. Oh– and she is planning to go through Whataburger too!

You can read more about Pepper Cory on her website.

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