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Meet Road 2020 Teacher, Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison will be teaching 5 classes at Road to California 2020:

Two classes are traditional quilting classes:

On Wednesday, 3008C – Trip Around The World Quilt

Pat Harrison

On Thursday, 4013C – Easy Peasy Circles Quilt

Pat Harrison

Two classes are Technology Classes, utilizing EQ8 Software

On Friday, 5012C – EQing The Day Away – Beginner

On Saturday, 6013C – EQing The Day Away – Intermediate

And a class that is a combination of lecture, samples, and hands-on practice of basic binding techniques

Sunday, 7012C – Binding 101 And Beyond

When Road asked Pat Harrison what got her into quilting, she replied, “By teaching every 7th grader in the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island to make a flip and sew log cabin pillow as a beginner Home Economics project.” Now that is quite the start to a quilting journey!!!

Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison has developed a name for herself with EQ8 quilt design. She says that “designing original quilts in EQ8, especially the color play and secondary design possibilities, and then making that design into a quilt is her favorite part about the quilting process.

What is EQ8?

Pat Harrison as a Creator and Teacher

Currently, Pat Harrison’s favorite quilting tool is her Innova longarm which she keeps in her “wonderful studio created from a 2-car garage with a high ceiling for quilt display and an airy feel. Plenty of windows that look out on a rural setting, from plenty of green in the summer to my beloved snowball effect in the winter.” Dreamy.

A quilt teacher for over 25 years, Pat likes seeing the joy in the eyes of a student when they realize that they can achieve super results with her techniques. She loves sharing all the tips she has accumulated over the years of being in the craft. At Road 2020, Pat Harrison hopes her students gain confidence in themselves and their skills, expansion of their color knowledge and use of color.

Pat will be traveling almost 3,000 miles – by air — to teach at Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show. She is “excited” to be a part of this celebration and is looking forward to sharing her skills and teaching talents with “a whole bunch of new students.”

To learn more about Pat Harrison, visit her website.

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