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Road 2020 Teacher Spotlight: Gyleen X. Fitzgerald

Author, Publisher and Award-Winning Quilter, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, will be teaching 4 classes at Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show:

On Thursday, January 23rd, 4012C – Mixology Shaken And Stirred

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Friday, January 24th, 5011C – Modern Free Wheeling Circles

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Saturday, January 25th, 6011C – Engaged

 Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

And Sunday, January 26th, 7011C – Trash To Treasure Pineapple

Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

All Quilter, All the Time

Gyleen Fitzgerald Road to California Quilt Show Teacher

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. She infuses engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex geometric quilts. A quilter since 1981, she has been teaching quilting since 1995. When asked what other hobbies she has besides quilting, her reply was, “Say what? Is that allowed? Who has time? When not quilting, I’m usually thinking about quilts in some way.” Well, she does think about one other thing: her husband, Ray.

Creative Space

Gyleen’s home studio is the smallest bedroom in her house. She says that she is “most creative in small spaces.” When she requires assistance with some projects, she will move to a much larger annex studio in her basement.

What is Gyleen’s favorite quilting tool? Her polygon series tools (Polygon, Polygon2 and Polygon3). Gyleen says that she “can’t get enough of good geometry.”

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald loves piecing because when she is piecing, she is “executing her vision.”

The two quilters that have influenced her work the most are Jinny Beyer and the late, Gwen Marston because “they do it all.” Gyleen feels that they both “produce very graphic quilts and master the handwork. They are constant innovators.”

Road to California 2020

Traveling over 2,000 miles to get to Road to California (Gyleen lives on the East Coast), she is thrilled to be teaching. “I’ve only taught (at Road) once before and love it. Coming back and to be a part of a historic show is very exciting. I can’t wait to see the quilts, vendors and special events.”

With her classes, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald says what she likes most about teaching is “empowering students to create the vision within; I learn more from them. Their talent is amazing.” Because she is a technique teacher, she hopes that after they leave her classes, that her students will now able “to produce the quilts in their hearts with confidence and perfection. AND more importantly to have fun and enjoy the process. No one dies quilting.”

To learn more about this innovative and technique driven teacher, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, please visit her website.

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