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Road 2020 Teacher Spotlight: Cheryl See

Cheryl See will be teaching FIVE HANDWORK CLASSES at Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show:

Monday, January 20th: 1015C – Hexie Daisy

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Tuesday, January 21st: 2013C – English Paper Piecing Techniques

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Wednesday, January 22nd: 3015C – Innovative Hand Quilting

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Thursday, January 23rd: 4016C – Hawaiian Needle Turn Appliqué

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Friday, January 24th: 5016C – Super Hexie Daisy

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

Why Handwork?

Keeping handwork — especially hand quilting — alive is important to Cheryl See, especially with the newest generation of quilters. 

Cheryl has always done handwork and started quilting when her scraps of fabric were too small to make anything else. Paper Piecing has had the most influence on Cheryl’s quilting and she tends to hand piece every other quilt.  This always allows Cheryl to keep a project for on the go.

Cheryl See’s Home Studio

“When I downsized, I had just finished my basement with my dream quilt studio.  My area is smaller now and, in several rooms, but still works for me.

What is Cheryl’s favorite quilting tool? “I love my Clover clips.”

Teaching Quilt Classes

Cheryl See has been teaching for 7 years since her quilt, Star Struck, won Best Hand Quilting for a large quilt at Paducah and became a part of The National Quilt Museum collection.  People assumed that Cheryl taught classes, so she decided to devote one day a week to the business side of quilting to see if she liked it. As a teacher, she always hopes her students gain new skills as well as inspiration and encouragement.

Road to California 2020

Cheryl will be traveling from Winchester, Virginia to Road. The last time she came to Road, 3 years ago, a huge snowstorm hit the East Coast when it was time for her (and the rest of Road’s Eastern visitors) to return home. She was forced to stay in California an extra day so she decided to spend that extra day discovering Hollywood. Cheryl confides that she is secretly hoping that that weather episode happens again.

Besides teaching, Cheryl See has also entered a quilt in the Road to California 2020 Quilt Contest. Train To Nowhere recently won Best of Show at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza so she’s hoping for big things in Road’s contest.

Cheryl See Road to California Quilt Show

You can learn more about Cheryl See on her website.

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