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Charter a Bus Tour to Road 2020

Hassle Free Transportation

If you are attending Road to California 2020 with a group of friends, a guild, or a travel organization, especially from out of state, we recommend arranging for a charter bus tour to the show.

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

What are the benefits of a Charter Bus Tour to the show?

You don’t have to stress out about traffic or directions maneuvering around the Los Angeles area;

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

Sharing the cost is economical—It saves you money!!! Tickets for bus trips of 30 or more are only $11.50, a savings of $4.50 per person. We also offer a further discount of 50 cents per ticket when paid via cash or check. The ticket is valid for all days of the show and includes Preview Night;

Charter a Bus Tour to Road to California Quilt Show

No need to find individual parking spots. Buses are allowed to drop off and pick up right outside the east entrance to the Convention Center. Parking passes for your bus, while you are in the show, can be purchased in advance for $40 per day.

And new for this year, quilt guilds who sponsor a bus tour can enter to win a $300 prize as part of our 3rd Annual Quilt Guild Challenge. More information about this exciting addition to this fun contest will be coming soon.

Official Charter Bus Tour Trip Form

In order to qualify for these charter bus tour trip perks, an official Road to California Bus Trip Form must be completed.

A deadline of January 3, 2020 has been imposed if your group would like to receive their Road to California tickets before the show. If a group can’t meet that deadline, Road will mail a letter, map and window sign for the bus window. At the Show, Road’s Bus Greeting Hostess will have the tickets requested on the form. Acceptable forms of payment when arriving at the show are correct change/cash or check only.

If you need help filling your bus from your area of departure, Road can assist you by advertising your trip on our website. Just let us know when you submit your bus trip form. 

For more information on chartering a bus and to get a copy of the official Road to California Bus Trip Form, visit our website.

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