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Meet Road 2020 Teacher Pat Delaney

Quilting opened an entire new world for Pat Delaney. She has been fortunate to create, teach, travel, and be inspired by fabric and thread ever since she started quilting about 20 years ago.

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

Beginning with doll clothes, Pat had made clothing ever since she was five years old. As a fashion design graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, Pat had plenty of sewing experience but somehow “missed the whole quilting world.” She began teaching classes in her home to friends within a year and a half after learning to quilt and then starting teaching at major shows shortly after that.

Colorful Quilts that are Quilted on Domestic Machines

Color is a main focus for Pat and most often a color plan is her quilt’s beginning. She is known for very bright, vibrant, color rich quilts. All of her quilts have been pieced and quilted on her home machine. Recently she purchased a sit-down long arm and it has been put to good use, but she still loves quilting on her regular machine. Pat says, “It thrills me to teach on a domestic machine and it is just wonderful to see a beginner light up when she realizes it’s possible to quilt the quilt herself! My classes are all about taking stress out of the process and enjoying the time spent creating a one-of-a-kind item for someone special.”

Pat’s Home Studio

Pat’s Studio is in the basement of her home in Massachusetts. There is only one tiny window, so she must pay special attention to providing lots of balanced lighting from color corrected bulbs that are perfect for matching fabrics, etc. She also has an adjacent room that she calls the “little kitchen.” It has cabinets, a sink, and a microwave for quick snacks during some “much-needed breaks and for projects that need water.”

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

Her favorite parts of her studio are her collections. She has toy sewing machines, miniature working machines, and family tomato pin cushions. Even though she is not a hand sewer, she still enjoys collecting sewing tools such as thimbles, sweet grass items, and sewing kits. Having her “stash” out, color-coded, and visible is also enjoyable and inspiring for Pat.

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

Quilting Inspiration

Where else does Pat get inspiration for her quilt designs? “Once I began quilting, I just wanted to devour all aspects of the process. Every magazine and book I came across was studied and opened a new world for me. Unlike many quilters, I had no family history to draw upon and gained most of my instruction and understanding from books. I was inspired by so many women and their quilts. Once the idea of attending quilt shows came onto my radar, I tried to take a class with each and every quilt celebrity I could find. Harriet Hargrave, Sharon Schamber, Dianne Gaudynski, Nancy Crow, and Sue Nickels were just a few of my heroes. Each of them had something new to teach me and for me to learn. I still love quilt classes.”

Pat at Road to California 2020

Road 2020 will be the first time Pat has attended Road to California. While she has never personally attended the show, a few of her quilts have!! They were juried into the show in the past and she has won some ribbons.  

She is “really excited to travel across the country and connect with a whole new group of quilters in California.” Pat will be teaching 4 classes at Road to California 2020-25th Anniversary Show:

4010C – Quilt The Mini on Thursday

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

5023C – Fills, Fancies, And Feathers on Friday

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

6009C – Ready, Set, Sew! On Saturday. In this class, Pat will share her knowledge and techniques of award-winning quilting

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

And  7009C – Building A Visual Vocabulary which focuses on the design process of quilt making

Pat Delaney Road to California 2020

All of Pat’s classes will have Bernina Q20 and Bernina 700 sewing machines. Students will split their time on both machines.

To learn more about Pat Delaney, please visit her website, Crabtree Lane Studio.

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