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Showcasing Quilts By So Cal Quilt Guilds

Road to California is all about supporting quilt guilds and their endeavors, especially providing a platform for showcasing quilts made by their talented members.

Annual Quilt Guild Exhibits

Each year, Road asks a quilt guild to supply the quilts that hang in the Atrium of the Ontario Convention Center, showcasing quilts that welcome our guests to the show.  

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Quilt Guilds are also given the opportunity for showcasing quilts that they have made to raffle off for their philanthropic endeavors.    

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Special Quilt Guild Exhibits

Recently, Road’s owner, Matt Reese, wanted to expand and give quilt guilds another way for showcasing quilt. He approached the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and invited them to create a special yearly exhibit.

Emerging Light

The first SCCQG 2018 Road to California Special Exhibit for showcasing quilts was called “Emerging Light.” The challenge was to create a quilt that illustrates the concept of “Emerging Light” in some form. Quilters were to consider the possibility of light appearing within a traditional set of blocks, a modern composition, or an art statement.  Any quilting technique from traditional block(s), appliqué patterns to modern modes, or mixed quilting techniques could be combined into the quilt. The quilt had to be no less than 72 inches nor more than 160” in total circumference. Forty quilts were displayed in this exhibit.

showcasing quilts  quilt show

New Quilts of Southern California 2019

The second SCCQG 2019 Road to California Special Exhibit showcasing quilts was called “New Quilts of Southern California 2019.” Local guild members were encouraged to enter a ‘wall hanging’ size quilt that was new and had not been widely shown. It had to be one of their latest creations with no kit quilts accepted. The only major requirement that the entry had to have been finished in 2017 or 2018 and be in excellent condition. Sixty quilts were accepted into this exhibit. The outcome was a medley of sizes that ranged from small to large creating a collage of traditional, modern, artistic formats incorporating a multitude of quilting techniques. The collage of quilts filled the length of the hallway and areas of the Upper Ballroom inspiring engaging conversations about what they were witnessing.

What’s in store for 2020, Road to California’s 25th Anniversary Show

This coming year, the SCCQG 2020 Road to California Special Exhibit showcasing quilts, is called “Honoring Road to California.”  SCCQG wanted to thank Matt Reese and his team for their dedication to bringing extraordinary quilts and vendors to Southern California as they share in celebrating this 25th Anniversary. Guild members have been challenged to create a quilt that is inspired by “this spectacular quilt show” and features a technique that was either learned in a Road to California workshop or uses a pattern/book and/or fabric purchased from a vendor at Road to California during the years 1995 – 2019. The prescribed quilt dimensions are 32” wide by 36” high in order to accommodate more quilts. The response so far has been very rewarding as prospective entrants have all been energized by what they have discovered each time they have attended Road to California.

showcasing quilts  quilt show

Thank you to SCCQG Board Member, Stephania Bommarito (a quilter for over 40 years!) for curating these special exhibits showcasing quilts from quilt guild members. We can’t wait to see the special 25th Anniversary tribute!!

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