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Best Hand Quilting at Road 2019

Jackie Perry won $2,500 from Sponsor, World of Quilts Travel, for Joy Of Spring.

Best Hand Quilting
Road to California 2019’s Best Hand Quilting Winner

Jackie Perry “loves” to hand quilt. She taught herself the technique in the mid-1980’s and has won numerous awards for her work.  She also loves to teach hand piecing and hand quilting.  In addition, over the past dozen years, she has taught fabric painting, paper piecing, machine quilting and many other techniques. Jackie enjoys designing original work and participating in quilt challenges.  She feels teaching is wonderful, but most of all, she enjoys the fellowship with other quilters.

Best Hand Quilting

Joy of Spring was inspired by Jackie’s fascination with adult coloring books. One coloring book artist, Thaneeya McArdle, gave Jackie permission to create her best hand quilting winner from her coloring book.

This best hand quilting winner took 19 months to complete.  Jackie used Hobbs Tuscany wool batting (which Jackie says is wonderful for hand quilting) and Sulky 12 wt. variegated thread for the entire quilt.  Jackie commented that some people wondered if Joy of Spring was painted. She admitted that it was entirely hand quilted with thread!!  The dense quilting with the variegated thread is what gave the appearance as though  it had been painted. 

Best Hand Quilting

Jackie shared other techniques that she used on Joy of Spring: “The background quilting needed a lot of movement, which I think I achieved.  I used a “quilt as you go” method in creating the quilt.  I wish I had done it as a whole cloth.  Though, in the end, the lace looks very nice to hide the seams.”

Best Hand Quilting

She was getting ready for bed when she decided to check her email and saw that she had been notified of her prize for best hand quilting. Jackie “looked at my husband and said ‘Oh, My goodness!  I just won best hand quilting at Road to California!’  My heart was beating and I was so excited.  I called and texted my daughters and grandchildren and some friends.  It was wonderful!”

What is Jackie’s next quilt project? “I’m currently working on another hand quilting piece and I’ve also started hand piecing a LaPassacaglia quilt.  It’s so intriguing to fussy cut fabric and sew the different shapes together.” In addition, she will be busy teaching her hand quilting skills to guilds and retreats around the country.

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