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Mystery Quilting Class

Have you tried a mystery quilting class? Students register to attend a class where all they know is that they will be making a quilt in a certain size, but the design remains a mystery until the class is over.  

mystery quilting

Road to California’s version of a mystery quilting class is Mt. View Mystery.  This popular class was offered for several years then taken off our class schedule until its return in 2019. Mt. View Mystery is always taught by exceptional quilters who bring pre-cut kits to purchase, eliminating the need for students to find, buy and cut out their fabric before coming to class.    

Road’s Mt. View Mystery quilting class is also unique because it is offered at night, beginning at 6:00 PM and running until midnight. After all, what is more mysterious than the midnight hour?   

Charlotte Angotti taught Mt. View Mystery at Road 2019. Many of her students were familiar with Charlotte’s mystery quilting class and her quarterly Mystery Kit Club. Some of them brought mystery quilts they had made in Charlotte’s past classes to share.

Kim had attended 3 past mystery quilting classes of Charlotte’s, in Long Beach (twice) and Myrtle Beach.

mystery quilting
Sea Glass
mystery quilting
I Got The Ocean Blues
mystery quilting
Tutti Fruity

Jodi had gone to Charlotte’s class in Houston in 2015.

mystery quilting
Last Dance

Why do these students keep taking mystery quilting classes? Because they like the thrill of not knowing what it is they are creating; they love using pre-cut pieces, and they enjoy the slower pace where they don’t feel like they have to race through the project. Charlotte also gave encouragement for why to keep on trying mystery quilting classes. She said, “your current mystery quilt may not be one of your favorites but keep coming back because you are bound to discover one you love.”

The goal of a mystery quilting class is to get the students comfortable in completing the reoccurring block.  Steps for the block is taught in order. Written instructions are accompanied by a hands-on demonstration of each step. At the end of class, the finished design is revealed as well as finishing tips on how to put the blocks together.  

mystery quilting

Mt. View Mystery for Road 2020 is being taught Wednesday and Thursday evenings by Patricia Yamin, a familiar face to Road to California attendees. She has taught many classes in the past as well has been a vendor with her business, Come Quilt With Me.  Pat is the most entertaining and fast-talking instructor around. Students will be laughing and learning all night long. The mystery quilting patterns are different for each evening’s lap-sized top projects.

Solve the mystery and join in the fun. For more information about the Mt. View Mystery classes, visit our website.  

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