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Couples Enjoying Quilts

Road to California is a great place for couples to spend time together enjoying quilts and quilt products.

couples enjoying quilts

David and Sally are a quilting couple. Sally has been quilting for over 30 years while David is relatively new to quilting. He started about 3 years ago after he retired. He had nothing to do at home and was tired of just watching his wife quilt. They had always gone to quilting events together, so he figured, why not start myself. As he puts it, “Sally lured me into it.” Sally comes from a family of sewers; her grandmother and mother both sewed and now she is teaching her granddaughter to sew.  They both participated in last year’s Roadies Give Back, making 30 squares between them. David has attended Road to California for five years with Sally. Sally has gone to the show an additional five more times, sometimes volunteering with hanging quilts. They also have ties with a member of the Reese family- the family who started Road to California. David and Sally used to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles with Mike and Shellee Reese, the parents of Road’s current owner, Matt Reese.

couples enjoying quilts

This foursome not only are couples enjoying quilts at Road to California, but they are related couples too. Diane and Brian are from Santa Rosa, California and Craig and Pat live in Irvine, California. Craig and Diane are brother and sister. They chose Road to California 2019 as a place to not only enjoy quilts and quilt products but to spend family time together. Pat and Diane have both been sewing since their youth. Their husbands assist them with their quilting. While Craig’s hobby is woodworking, he finds time to help Pat as a “color commentator and design consultant.” Brian says he is the CEO of Diane’s quilt hobby. “I Carry Everything Out!” While Pat has been to Road more than 14 years, Road 2019 was Diane’s first time. (When these couples were looking for a place to meet-up, Diane asked Pat if she ever heard of Road to California). Diane said, “Road was a lot more than I expected.” Why does Pat keep coming back? “I like the variety and quality of the quilts.”

couples enjoying quilts

First time Road to California attendees, Ann and Mick, came to the show because they wanted to see everything quilts. Ann has just been quilting for three years and was excited to see what the over 220 vendors had to offer. Mike liked seeing the “end results” of hard work. He supports Ann by going to quilt shows and fabric stores. They have quickly become one of “those couples enjoying quilts” displayed at the show.         

Will you and your significant other be one of the many couples enjoying quilts at Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show?

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