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Support for Quilt Guilds

Did you know there is a state-wide organization in California that offers support for quilt guilds?

The Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds was formed to provide information and resources to give support for quilt guilds in the areas of legal, philanthropic, and financial concerns. The Council also provides affordable insurance to quilt guilds for their events and organizes statewide charitable quilt activities.

Currently there are 95 member guilds, from Morro Bay to San Diego. They attend SCCQG meetings designed to give support for quilt guilds four times a year. The first meeting of each year is a “Meet the Teacher” event where guilds can meet and pick from over 50 teachers to come and present at their guild meetings. The Council’s July meeting topic was on guild finances and in October, they will be hosting Road to California’s Social Media Consultant, Caryn Payzant, who will speak on the value of social media for quilt guilds. Their final meeting for 2019 giving support for quilt guilds will be on the “nuts and bolts” of quilt guild meetings.   

Sonia Das has been President of SCCQG for the past 3 years. She is a member of the Antelope Quilters Guild located in Citrus Heights which is just north of Sacramento.   

Support for Quilt Guilds

The Antelope Quilters Guild was founded 24 years ago and currently has 60 members. Providing quilts for various charities is one of the guild’s goals. In 2018, they gave away 223 quilts with 60 of those quilts going to survivors of last year’s Camp Fire in Paradise, California.  

Logo for Antelope Quilters Guild

“A Quilted Year of Cheer,” was the guild’s opportunity quilt on display at Road to California 2019.

Support for Quilt Guilds

It was made up of 12 mini quilts designed by Nancy Halversen plus one original design. Four guild members put the quilt together. What makes this quilt unique is that the mini-quilt panels are snapped on to the backing and can be moved around on the quilt or can even be hung separately.

Support for Quilt Guilds

The quilt won 2nd Place in the 2018 California State Fair. The guild has been selling raffle tickets for the past two years and plans on holding the drawing for one lucky winner at their meeting held in August 2019.

Participating in a quilt guild is a great way to share your passion for quilting and giving back o the community. To make sure quilt guilds follow California state guidelines for non-profit organizations, it’s reassuring to know that the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds is there to offer support for quilt guilds.

Does your State have a watchdog organization that gives support for quilt guilds in your area?

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