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Meet Road Vendor Uniquely Crafts, LLC

Road to California is very particular about its vendors. We listen to our guests and bring back popular booths each year. And when there is an opening, Road fills the new space with original and timely vendors like Uniquely Crafts LLC and their 5D Diamond Painting.  

Uniquely Crafts

Uniquely Crafts LLC is a family owned and operated business out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For the past four years, they have been designing and selling 5D Diamond Painting tools and canvas.

Owner and Designer, Amy Tucker, said that 5D Diamond Art and Painting is relatively new in the United States.  A lot of research went in to their business model before they embarked with the company. Similar to cross-stitch, 5D Diamond Painting uses beads cut like diamonds (so that they shimmer) which are individually placed by color on a pre-marked canvas to complete a design.

Uniquely Crafts LLC 5D Diamond Bead Painting

Each kit comes with everything you need to complete a 5D Diamond Painting: a tool set, design canvas sheet, color coded instructions, and of course, the beads. The kits are portable; a canvas can be rolled up and taken along to appointments or on trips. Should an artist lose beads, Uniquely Crafts LLC takes pride in responding to customers the same day, mailing replacement beads at no extra charge.

Uniquely Crafts LLC 5D Diamond Bead Painting

Designed for age 4 and above, 5D Diamond Painting is a perfect activity to relieve stress. Customers have bought Uniquely Crafts LLC to help with chronic medical issues and pain management. Kids find it fun and have been known to sit for long periods of time working on their 5D Diamond Paintings. And in our technology driven world, “it’s a way to get kids off their devices and develop their motor skills as well as their eye-hand coordination.”  

Amy had known of Road to California for years and was thrilled to be invited to be a vendor at Road 2019. Knowing that quilters like to do things with their hands, Amy said, “Our kits are another way for crafters and sewers to create.” She had most of her designs available, including several especially made with sewers in mind.

Uniquely Crafts LLC 5D Diamond Bead Painting

Amy was “excited” at the positive response she received at Road and enjoyed meeting “so many nice people” at the show.  She had a lot of fun, especially hearing how guests planned to use the 5D Diamond Painting kits. Children’s kits were purchased for birthday parties and “one lady bought 15 kits for a wine party.”

What does Uniquely Crafts LLC see for their future? They plan on offering “tons” more design canvases, including providing for customers to send in their own designs of their pets and other artistic ideas. And of course, continue their focus on providing excellent customer service.

To learn more about Uniquely Crafts LLC, please visit their web site.   


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