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Keeping Up With Bohin

The past year has seen many changes with the Bohin brand.

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

Going forward with new Bohin management

The company acquired new management under the direction of Fabien Regnier and his wife, Audrey. This young, dynamic couple were thrilled to take on this new adventure and grow the company.

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

One of their main goals for 2018/2019 was to refresh the Bohin brand with new packaging, beginning with their famous needles. They also worked on designing new products aimed towards a woman’s point of view.

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

Another aspect of the new Bohin branding is their new motto:

“To sew fast, to sew well, discover BOHIN France”

The Bohin Factory and Museum

Built in the beginning of the 19th century and located on the Risle River near the town of L’Aigle in Normandy, France, the original Bohin factory has been preserved by continuous use, maintaining its original character and architecture. The facility has earned recognition as a registered Historic Place by the French National Registry.

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

The museum was first opened in 2014 and is open to the public 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday. Over 15,000 visitors came to the Bohin Factory and Museum in 2018, touring Bohin’s working factory through the eyes of its founder, Benjamin Bohin. The museum also features special exhibits on how it manufacturers pins and needles, their history and uses.

The museum and factory hosted its first American tour group in October 2018: Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics personnel and some of their winning quilters from their Van Gogh Challenge. Cherrywood owner, Karla Overland, said that they had an “unbelievable” time and were treated so graciously from all the Bohin staff.

Bohin at Road to California 2019

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

Fabien came to the show along with Bohin Purchasing Manager, Christophe Le Moigne, aka “Mr. Everything.” While he has been involved with U.S. market for the past 15 years, it was Christophe’s first time at the show. He enjoyed the opportunity to meet Bohin customers face-to-face and talk with some of their suppliers.       

Bohin Brand Road to California Quilt Show

New for 2020

Bohin is striving to get their pin cushions in all the dress shops in France.

Their newest design, available this month, is a tribute to French fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Known for his iconic white, ¾ length sleeves t-shirt with black stripes, Jean Paul was given his second wax figure in the famous Grévin Museum. The pin cushion will be patterned after Gaultier’s black and white striped shirts. To bring attention to this launch, Fabien and Christophe wore Gaultier-esque t-shirts themselves during Road to California.    

Bohin brand Road to California Quilt Show

One thing that Bohin will never change is the company’s high standards and quality for their needles, pins, and Dussaussay Gallier specialty scissors.

What do you like about the new Bohin branding?


One Response to “Keeping Up With Bohin”

  1. Randy Graves says:

    BOHIN France is a historic company that maintains a consistent high level of quality across a wide range of sewing products and is managed by a great group of friendly, helpful, and competent executives. Their polished needles are outstanding in a crowded field of needle products.

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