Show Hours

Thursday January 18th through the 21st 2018.

Thursday - Saturday - 9:00AM-6:00PM

Sunday         -          10:00AM-3:30PM

Preview Night

Wednesday January 17th 2018

Registration Desk

January 15th through January 21st  2018 .


**Attendees can view Market Place and quilts in the Exhibit Hall only**

*Vendors are not open*

Preview night is available to every attendee who has paid a registration fee or who has purchased a wristband.

Monday...................... 7:00AM-2:00PM

Tuesday .................... 7:00AM-4:00PM

Wednesday................. 7:00AM-8:00PM

Thursday - Saturday ... 7:00AM-7:15PM

Sunday ...................... 7:00AM-9:00AM

Quilt not to be of success, but rather to be of value.

Our appraisers are waiting! If you are wondering the value of your quilt bring it to Road to California! We have certified appraiser, Violet Vaughnes on site ready to talk to you about your work.

She has been a professional quilt appraiser  since 2006 and has been making quilts herself since 1995.  She has worked along side of numerous certified appraisers in shows as well as done private home appraisals.

She has a continuing education with PAAQT and a longtime member of the American Quilters Society.

If you are interested in having your quilt appraised, please contact her via email at

Our Cancellation Policy:

Road to California has made a change to its cancellation policy. We will no longer offer cancellation insurance. Road to California's cancellation policy will offer everyone a refund based off both the date they registered as well as the proximity to the show. Cancellation date is determined based off of date that the registration is processed. If a class is transferred, the registration date is the earliest date of the transaction - not the date of the transfer.  Please review the chart below for clarification.



Registration fees are not refundable.


Cancellations received BEFORE Refund Rate


- Within 7 days of registering 100% -

- Saturday, August 01st 2017 90% -

- Sunday, November 01st 2017 66% -

- Friday, January 01st 2018 33% -


We will not be granting exceptions for cancellation hardships this year. Please take special care to remember the dates for cancellation.


All cancellations must be made in writing. Notification may be made by email at or by letter to:

Road to California

1160 N Dewey Way Suite A

Upland, CA 91786.


The $35 registration fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.


Cancellation of the entire conference will result in forfeiture of all courtesy gifts including the entry badge. No Exceptions will be given.


Transferring to a new class:

If at any point an attendee would like to transfer from one class to another we can do so with a $5 transfer fee. In the event the class in which the attendee transferring to is more than the class transferring from, the attendee will be responsible for the difference in price in addition to the $5 transfer fee.  In the event the opposite occurs, We (Road to California) will calculate the difference in classes and refund back the amount minus the $5 transfer fee.  If a class is transferred, the registration date is the earliest date of the transaction - not the date of the transfer.


Cancellation Policy subject to change without notice. Cancellation situations not directly addressed by our cancellation policy are bound to the decisions made by Road to California Staff and Management.

Refunds at the Show:

Road to California does not grant refunds after the cancellation periods have elapsed.  If you have serious dissatisfaction with a class, please submit the Class Complaint form found at the On-site Registration desk.  This form MUST be submitted within 2 hours of the conclusion of a day class, or by 9 AM - the morning following the conclusion of an evening class.  Management will contact you about your class experience after the conclusion of the show.

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To the maximum extent of the law, your attendance and participation, including that of your children and minors accompanying you, in any Road to California classes, events, lectures or tours paid for or not is conditioned on your agreement to hereby indemnify Road to California, its employees, volunteers, contractors from and never to make any claim for injury, loss or damage to you or your children and minors accompanying you against Road to California, its employees, volunteers and contractors, caused by its very own negligence, strict liability, or for any other reason. By signing the registration form, or registering on line, you agree to the above terms and conditions.