I filled out my survey, why don't I see my contract?

While you may have filled out a survey, it was only to guage your interest in returning and to obtain information on how we can better serve you. Contract wont be sent out until the end of April.


I filled out an application, when will I know if I'm selected?

All prospective vendors will know if they have been selected by email. If you are on a wait list, your application will remain on file for 3 years. Road to California selects vendors based on product provided. Should we lose a vendor, we will replace them with a similar offered product. This helps us keep a variety of vendors for our attendees.


Where is my booth?

Your booth location will be based on the booth number.

100-1037=Exhibit Hall




How do I get my contract?

Contracts are available to download after you have been notified by logging into your account at

https://online.roadtocalifornia.com If you do not remember your password, you are able to reset your password by following the prompts when logging in.

When do I move in?

Dock times are sent out late October in the form of a registration notification. Please log into your account to view your registration details prior to contacting us for your time. Move in times are only on Tuesday and Wednesday. We reserve earlier times for bigger companies who have more to set up.


When is the show?

Road to California 2018 is the 18th-21st. Show hours are as follows:

Thursday - Saturday - 9:00AM-6:00PM

Sunday         -          10:00AM-3:30PM


I still have questions!

Head to our contact page and drop us a line.

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