• Allie Aller

    1017C - Intro to Stained Glass Quilting, Allie Style

    2017C - Through a Gothic Window

    3017C - Stained Glass Pillow

  • Amy Loh Kupser

    1009C - Just a little Snippy

    2008C - Empress Bracelet

    3063C - Celtic Panel Bracelet

  • Barbara Black

    4002C - Antique Rose Star by Machine

    5002C - Smitten

    6702C - 2 for 1

  • Bobbie Bergquist

    5061C - Celtic Ink Works

  • Bonnie Browning

    3011C - Borders and Finishing Touches

    4003C - Zentangle Art - Getting Started

    5003C - Zentangle Art - Zen-Gems

    6002C - Last Roses of Summer

  • Carmen Geddes

    3004C - Vintage Charm

    4069C - Sly the Fox

    6067C - Pixel Piecing

    7002C - Block Party!


  • Carrie Fondi

    1005C - Traditional Hawiian Appliqué

    2005C - Mola Appliqué

    3061C - Beginning Hand Quilting

    5063C - Beginning Needle turn Appliqué

  • Cheryl Lynch

    4010C - Silk Curvalicious Skinny Quilt

    5011C - Beachalicious

    6009C - Funky Town

    7007C - Mini Mosaics

  • Christa Watson

    1016C - Fun with Free Motion Swirls

    2016C - Free-Motion: Designs with Lines

    3015C - Free Motion Improv

    4015C - Modern Free Motion Fillers

  • Cindy Grisdela

    4008C - Artful Improv

    5008C - Take the fear out of curve piecing

    6703C - Fire and Ice Bargello

  • Cindy Myers

    4065C - Stepping Stones

    6064C - Prismatic Stars

  • Cindy Seitz-Krug

    4013C - Gorgeous Gridded Quilting lvl 1

    5601C - Fabulous Trapunto Wallhanging

  • Connie Spurlock

    3065C - Binding is not scary

    4066C - Winter Welcome

    5067C - 10 Degree ruler on Steroids

  • Cynthia England

    2003C - Sandy Shore

  • Deb Granger

    1006C - Sewing tool caddy

  • Deb Tucker

    1013C - Lucky Lemoynes

    2013C - Tricks with Triangles

  • Diane Gloystein

    5064C - Faux Open Cut

  • Esterita Austin

    3001C - Luminous Painted Irises

    4501C - Luminous Painted Illusions

    6701C - Animal Portraits

  • Gail Bird

    4061C - Winter Ornament with Charms

    6061C - Locker Hooking tile Trivet

  • Gudrun Erla

    1004C - Mastering Quilts as you go

    2004C - Nova & Amalie

  • Gyleen Fitzgerald

    4007C - Trash to Treasure Pineapple

    5007C - Square Turn

    6006C - Play Modern

    7005C - Bending Star

  • Helen Robinson

    3064C - Mod Strawberries

    4012R - Quilt it Contemporary

  • Jaime Wallen

    1015A - Mystical Feathers

    2015A - Mystical Florals

    3012A - Mystical Grids

    4016A - Mystical Shapes

    5015A - Mystical Rulers

    6013A - Mystical Illusions

  • Jane Coscareli

    1003C - Altar Quilts

  • Janna Thomas

    1012C - Tarted up Pineapple

    2012C - Glorious Kaleidoscopes

    3009C - Magic Mariner's Compass & Other Really Cool Tricks

  • Jenny Doan

    4005C - Mystery Half Square Triangle Quilt

    5005C - Mystery Half Square Triangle Quilt

    6004C - Mystery Half Square Triangle Quilt

  • Jenny Pedigo

    6010R - Caution! Curves ahead

    3018R - Wonder Feathers

  • Jodi Barrows

    1001C - Square in a square

    (Concentrating on Square)


    2001C - Square in a Square

    (Concentrating on Diamond)

  • Joan Knight

    4018R - Let's Be Creative

    5017R - It's a Border Corner

    5018R - Fill Me In

    6015R - SAM (Stand Alone Mode)

    6016R - Southern Pearls

    7011R - Design Diva

  • Joan Linahon

    3067C - Quilter's Search Engine

    5068C - Therapy In Session

  • Joyce Teng

    3066C - Flower Fields

  • Karla Alexander

    4001C - Rewind

    5001C - In a nutshell

    6001C - Paintchips

    7001C - Clamshells

  • Kate Flynn Nichols

    2010C - 54-40 or Fly

  • Kristin Vierra

    1014R - Fun Feathers that Fit Anywhere

    2014R - Easy Background fillers for Longarm Quilters

    3016C - Easy English Piecing by Machine

    3068C - So I got it pieced, now what?

  • Laura Heine

    1007C - Paisley Bear Floral Collage

    2006C - Painterly Collage...making fish

  • Laura Murray

    4064C - Coloring Fabrics with Paint Sticks

  • Lee Chappell Monroe

    3019C - Understanding the Rainbow

    4017C - Lulee's Garden Quilt Pattern

    5016C - Precision Piecing All Squared Up

    6014C - Blooming Dresdens

  • Linda Poole

    4011C - Paint. Doodle. Stitch

    5013C - Kissed by the Moon

    6011C - Hoot

    7009C - Little Bird

  • Lora Kennedy

    3062C - Twisted Log Cabin

    4062C - Pineapples Galore

    5065C - Drunkards Path

    6063C - Storm at Sea

  • Margaret Solomon Gunn

    4014C - Dense & Dainty-Freehand Fillers

    5014C - Narrow Borders-Big Designs

    6012C - Beautiful Backgrounds-Grid Based Fillers

    7010C - Fearless Feathers

  • Michele Crawford

    5062C - Scrappy Hexagon Pillow

    6062C - Spontaneous Log Cabin

  • Moore's Educator's (Brother)

    1018C - Square of Hearts - Betty Elliot

    2018C - Travel Tote Bag - Betty Elliot

    3020C - Rulers Rock! Table Topper - Pam Varner

  • Nancy Eha

    3005C - Beaded Kaleidescopes

    4006C - Beautiful Beaded Butterflies

    5006C - Beaded Llama

    6005C - Seed Bead Botany

    7004C - Crazy Beading

  • Pam Bocko

    3002C - Trapunto by Machine

  • Pat Yamin

    3013C - Mark-Baste-Quilt

  • Pepper Cory

    4004C - The Down Home String Start Quilt

    5004C - Plaid is the new black

    6003C - Exploring the modern Drunkards path

    7003C - Intro to Sashiko

  • Robin Long

    1010R - Strip Pieced Mariners Compass

    2009R - Strip Pieced Sunflowers

  • Rosa Rojas Reidas

    3014R - Appliquick

  • Sheila McKay

    4063C - Fun with painters tape

    5066C - Diagonal Sew and Flip

    7008C - Mixing Gauze, Knit and Cuddle

  • Sherilyn Mortensen

    5012R - Wonderfills

  • Sue Heinz

    3006R - Fill Harmonics

    4009R - Take Two - Simple Shapes, Stunning Results!

    5009R - Featherworks!

    6007R - Caffeinated Design

    7006R - Feather Primer 101

  • Sue Nickels

    1011C - Machine Quilting Essentials

    2011C - Freemotion Focus on Fillers

    3008C - Masterclass on Feathers

  • Suzanne Hyland

    1008C - Fabulous Freehand Free Motion I

    2007C - Fabulous Freehand Free Motion II

    3007C - Fabulous Freehand Feathers and Ferns

    5010C - Fabulous Freehand Free motion on the Sweet 16

    6008C - More Fabulous Freehand Free motion on the Sweet 16


  • Valerie Bothell

    1201C - Joyful Embellishments

    3003C - Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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