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January, 15th

Day Classes


January, 17th

Day Classes

Night Classes


January, 20th

Day Classes

Night Classes


January, 16th

Day Classes

Monday-Tuesday Classes


January, 21st

Day Classes

Saturday-Sunday Classes

Did you know that the class numbers have a "secret" meaning? Here is how you can decipher our class codes.

The first number indicates the day of the week that the class is held or in the case of multiple days the first day.


#1 is Monday, #2 is Tuesday, #3 is Wednesday and so on.


Example = 3005C is a Wednesday Class


The second number is usually 0 indicating the class is not a multiple day class. If the second number is 2 or higher, it is a multiple day class and the number

indicates the day the class ends using the #2 is Tuesday, #3 is Wednesday, system.


Example = 4601R The class is held Thursday through Saturday.


If the third number is a 6 then the class

is a night class.

Example = 4063C is a Thursday Evening class.


Other numbers in #3 spot

are part of the fourth number such as 11, 12, 13 etc.

Example = 5015C (Our evening special events and lectures do not follow this rule).

The fourth number is the actual number of

the class for that day and is usually assigned in

alphabetical order of the instructor's last name.


Example = 6015C is a Saturday class

The letter at the end indicates where the

class will be held. Example = 6012R


A = Ayres Hotel

C = Convention Center

D = DoubleTreeHotel

R = Radisson Hotel

N = North Annex

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