Registration dates:

Priority Registration: July 1st, 2017

Public Registration: July 8th, 2017

A separate online account or mail-in registration form and UNIQUE valid email address is required for each registrant. Telephone, fax or in-person registrations will not be accepted.


A $35 non-refundable registration fee is charged each individual who enrolls in one or more classes. This fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

Class enrollees do NOT need to purchase daily admission tickets.


As a courtesy we will include a badge for admission to classes, exhibits and vendors, a show program, and entrance to Preview Night. Registrations prior to January 9th will also receive a special gift, a Road pin and/or year bar. Cancellation of the entire conference registration will result in forfeiture of all courtesy gifts including the entry badge.


Email confirmations are sent to all registrants immediately after registration. Please bring this confirmation to the registration desk when you check in to receive your badge and other courtesy gifts. You may attend your class prior to picking up your badge, and special gifts at the Ontario Convention Center.  Confirmations, badges, etc. are not sent by US mail.


Click here to be taken to our Online Registration Page.

Classroom Guidelines:

Class Times:

To insure that everyone receives the maximum benefit from their 'Road' weekend, we have established the following guidelines.

• Please turn the sound "OFF" on all cellular phones and pagers when classes and lectures begin.

• Please do not wear excessive perfume.

• Dress in layers, some rooms can be cool while others are too warm.

• Be on time. If you are late, please try to catch up quietly and do not expect the teacher to start over.

• Bring all necessary items required on the supply list. Borrowing is distracting to both you and the other student.

• Do not expect a teacher to take time from the class to teach you something different.

• Do not take photographs or tape the class without consent.

• Please do not enter classes while in session.

• Handouts and other materials provided by the instructor are copyrighted. Please check with the instructor before sharing the workshop in any format with others.

Skill Levels:

  • All Levels - Assumes knowledge of basic sewing skills, basic rotary cutting skills and basic quilting skills, either appliqué or piecing.
  • Beginning level - Basic sewing skills with some rotary cutting skills. A working knowledge of sewing machine.
  • Intermediate level - Assumes not only knowledge of the basics, but also experience using them.
  • Advanced - Experienced Quilter that wants a challenge.

Supply Lists:

To serve you better, we are using down-loadable supply lists. These lists are exact lists supplied by the instructor, thereby avoiding typos and omissions when we re-type them for publication. Click on the link below the class description.


Documents downloaded from this website require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader here:

Sewing Machine Policy:

Sewing machine companies have graciously provided machines in a wide variety of classes. Technicians will also be available in these classrooms. Personal machines are not allowed in classes where machines are furnished. Other classes may require that you bring your own machine. Please read class descriptions carefully.

Sewing machine rentals are not available.

• Mon-Wed Classes:  8am - 3pm (1 hour lunch break)

• Thurs-Sat Classes:  8am - 4pm. (2 hour lunch break)

• Sun Classes:  8am - 3pm (1 hour lunch lunch break)


• Half Day Classes:

• Morning Classes are from 8am - 12noon

• Afternoon Classes are from 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

• Evening Classes are from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


NOTE: A few classes and events deviate from standard schedule. Class times will be noted on your confirmation letter.



Class Locations:

Did you know that the class numbers have a "secret" meaning? Here is how you can decipher our class codes.

The first number indicates the day of the week that the class is held or in the case of multiple days the first day.


#1 is Monday, #2 is Tuesday, #3 is Wednesday and so on.


Example = 3005C is a Wednesday Class


The second number is usually 0 indicating the class is not a multiple day class. If the second number is 2 or higher, it is a multiple day class and the number

indicates the day the class ends using the #2 is Tuesday, #3 is Wednesday, system.


Example = 4601R The class is held Thursday through Saturday.


If the third number is a 6 then the class

is a night class.

Example = 4063C is a Thursday Evening class.


Other numbers in #3 spot

are part of the fourth number such as 11, 12, 13 etc.

Example = 5015C (Our evening special events and lectures do not follow this rule).

The fourth number is the actual number of

the class for that day and is usually assigned in

alphabetical order of the instructor's last name.


Example = 6015C is a Saturday class

The letter at the end indicates where the

class will be held. Example = 6012R


A = Ayres Hotel

C = Convention Center

D = DoubleTreeHotel

R = Radisson Hotel

N = North Annex

Become a VIQ!


Very Important Quilter – our Faculty Aides:

  • Sign up on the class registration page when registering to take the class.
  • You will be given a special VIQ bar for the volunteer pin
  • Take attendance in class using our class roster sheet and bring to Registration Desk at end of class.
  • Help teacher hand out class information before class starts.
  • It is NOT your responsibility to collect money for kits, sale of books, etc.
  • If someone is in class who is not on the roster sheet and does not have a printed receipt, wait for the first class break, come to Registration Desk and we will address the situation.

Our Cancellation Policy:


Road to California has made a change to its cancellation policy. We will no longer offer cancellation insurance. Road to California's cancellation policy will offer everyone a refund based off both the date they registered as well as the proximity to the show. Cancellation date is determined based off of date that the registration is processed. If a class is transferred, the registration date is the earliest date of the transaction - not the date of the transfer.  Please review the chart below for clarification.




Registration fees are not refundable.


Cancellations received BEFORE Refund Rate


- Within 7 days of registering 100% -

- Saturday, August 01st 2017 90% -

- Sunday, November 01st 2017 66% -

- Friday, January 01st 2018 33% -


- Registrations made after January 1st will not qualify for a refund if canceled after 7 days.-


We will not be granting exceptions for cancellation hardships this year. Please take special care to remember the dates for cancellation.


All cancellations must be made in writing. Notification may be made by email at or by letter to:


Road to California

1160 N Dewey Way Suite A

Upland, CA 91786.


The $35 registration fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.



Cancellation of the entire conference will result in forfeiture of all courtesy gifts including the entry badge. No Exceptions will be given.



Transferring to a new class:


If at any point an attendee would like to transfer from one class to another we can do so with a $5 transfer fee. In the event the class in which the attendee transferring to is more than the class transferring from, the attendee will be responsible for the difference in price in addition to the $5 transfer fee.  In the event the opposite occurs, We (Road to California) will calculate the difference in classes and refund back the amount minus the $5 transfer fee.  If a class is transferred, the registration date is the earliest date of the transaction - not the date of the transfer.


Cancellation Policy subject to change without notice. Cancellation situations not directly addressed by our cancellation policy are bound to the decisions made by Road to California Staff and Management.

Refunds at the Show:

Road to California does not grant refunds after the cancellation periods have elapsed.  If you have serious dissatisfaction with a class, please submit the Class Complaint form found at the On-site Registration desk.  This form MUST be submitted within 2 hours of the conclusion of a day class, or by 9 AM - the morning following the conclusion of an evening class.  Management will contact you about your class experience after the conclusion of the show.

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